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By: Sws Pit Crew  09-12-2011

:: Visual Products Catalog

Problem Tags (Item # 001)

Opportunity Tags (Item # 014)

Tyvek® Weatherproof Tags (Item # 015 and 056)

Designed for rugged environments, such as offshore oil platforms. Rip-proof with metal grommet for attaching to equipment with wires (included) or nylon ties (can be ordered separately; see Item # 003 below). Use a permanent ultra fine-point marker. Same size as our regular Problem and Opportunity Tags (3" x 9"). Sold in bundles of 50. Pre-printed with five-digit sequential numbers.

Red "Move" Tags (Item # 055)

Designed for tagging items that are no longer needed for production. Preprinted with space for identifying where the item was found, what it is, and what to do with it. Sold in bundles of 50 with cotton strings attached.

Clear Reclosable Envelopes (Item # 002)

Just the right size (4" by 4") to enclose the top half of our tags so it can be hung on equipment that is prone to getting wet or oily.

Nylon Ties (Item # 003)

5" nylon ties work great when punched through the plastic above the zipper lock of the reclosable envelopes and pulled tight to the equipment. Great for hanging Problem or Opportunity Tags in harsh environments.

Gauge Marking Labels (Item # 016)

Identify acceptable or dangerous operating ranges on gauges.

Comes in 9" x 10" red, green, and yellow transparent, adhesive polyester sheets, which you can easily cut to fit your needs.

Paint Pens (Item # 004)

Marking gauges, bolts, nuts, or lube points is easier with these fast-drying, permanent, high-gloss, felt-tip markers.

Available in white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, and blue lead-free colors.

Colored Vinyl Tape (Item # 005)

Marking travel limits, parts, or gauges is easier with this ¾"-wide, heavy-duty vinyl tape. Available in red, green, yellow, white, blue, purple, and orange in 7 mil, 20-yard rolls.

Temperature Indicating/Recording Strips (Item # 006)

Monitor bearings and other temperature-sensitive parts with these stick-on calibrated tapes. White heat-sensitive areas are calibrated to specific temperature levels that turn permanently black when exceeded.

170º to 240º F (in 10º increments) 130º to 190º F (in 10º increments)

 Grease Fitting Caps (Item # 012 and 013)

These colored plastic caps snap securely over standard SAE J534 grease fittings (Zerk fittings) to seal out dirt and moisture. Made of low-density polyethylene, they will withstand temperatures up to 175-degree F.

Large caps (Item # 012) are heavy duty with a 1-inch retainer strap. Small caps (Item # 013) are lighter weight with a quarter-inch retainer strap.

Available in bags of 100 caps, all one color. Choose large or small caps in red, blue, yellow, or green. Large caps are also available in black and white.

Zebra Cards (Item # 022)

When cut to size (only about an eighth of an inch strip is needed) and placed behind fluid level sight gauges, the actual levels can be seen easily and quickly from a distance. In many cases, flashlights are no longer needed to see the fluid in old, discolored tubes. You´ve got to see it to believe it! Comes in a 9" x 12" sheet.

Visual Oil Test Card (Item # 023)

These cards provide a quick and easy way to determine the cleanliness of engine, compressor, and gear box lubricants. Handy spaces on the card help you track equipment history. Just place a drop of oil on the card, place it in the protective cover, and seal. Wait 15 minutes to see the amount of solids in the oil.

Motor Shaft Targets (Item # 024)

Prevent false "brinelling" of the bearing races in fans, motors, and gear boxes in storage.

Stick to the ends of the shaft or armature with double-sided foam tape. Rotate three to five full turns then stop with the next number at the top.

Easy to spot the same colors on all devices in storage.

Torque Seal (Item # 026)

These tubes of bright inspection lacquer allow you to visually detect vibration loosening on fittings, nuts, parts, baseplates, and assemblies. Apply a smallamount of the compound when everything is in the proper position and tightened, and the seal will become brittle and  crack when it moves. Half-ounce tubes are available in six high-visibility colors: orange, red, lemon, green, yellow-orange, and pink. (This item must ship via ground; overnight shipping not available.)

Vibration Analysis Target Labels (Item # 031)

These handy labels are used to properly identify each vibration analysis point on the surface of your equipment. The label provides a space for identifying the point with a permanent felt-tip pen and comes with a clear protective label overlay. Both labels are made of a thin harsh-condition material that withstands weather, oil, grease, chemicals, solvents, and temperatures from –50º to +275º F.

Vibration Analysis Pickup Discs (Item # 032)

These corrosion-resistant discs can be attached to motors, gear boxes, bearing housings, and other equipment to provide flat and positive mounting locations for magnetic pickups (transducers, accelerometers). They are about .082 inches thick and 1.06 inches in diameter and are made of 410 stainless steel. Note: The discs should be glued with a high-strength, hard-setting epoxy such as Loctite 330 ("Depend") as included in the kit listed below (Item #033).

Vibration Analysis Pickup Discs and Mounting/Labeling Starter Kit (Item # 033)

The ultimate vibration analysis pickup disc starter kit includes 30 Target Labels, 30 Pickup Discs, 30 ml. Loctite 330 glue and activator, 10 alcohol wipes for surface preparation, and complete instructions.

Large Vibration Analysis Pickup Discs and Mounting/Labeling Starter Kit (Item # 035)

300 Target Labels, 300 Pickup Discs, 250 ml. Loctite 330 glue and activator, alcohol wipes for surface preparation, and complete instructions.

Numbering Labels (Item #s 036, 037, and 038)

Peel-off number sets have three cards each 0 through 4 and two cards each 5 through 9. Black numbers on a yellow background.

Available in the following sizes: 5/8" (Item # 036), 1" (Item # 037), and 2" (Item # 038)

Visual Systems Sample Kit (Item # 045)

Not sure which visual supplies to use? We have assembled an assortment of our most popular supplies. This kit (#045) allows you to demonstrate the "visual" possibilities in your training sessions.

Includes: 5 Problem Tags, 5 Opportunity Tags, 5 Tyvek® Problem Tags, 5 Tyvek® Opportunity Tags, 5 Move Tags, 1 paint pen, a sample of our vinyl tapes, 1 temperature strip, 6 large grease fitting caps, 4 small grease fitting caps, a sample of our gauge labels, a sample of our Zebra Card, 5 Visual Oil Test Cards, 1 Vibration Analysis Target Label, 1 Vibration Analysis Pickup Disc, a sample of our numbering labels, 1 Spanish Problem Tag, 1 Spanish Opportunity Tag, and 1 tube of torque seal.

Visual Systems Starter Kit (Item # 052)

Just beginning with visual systems on your equipment? We have assembled some basics to get you started. Our Starter Kit (#052) contains plenty of basic supplies for you to begin marking, tagging, labeling and color-coding your equipment, making it easier to inspect and easier to maintain. Comes in a handy plastic carrying case.

Includes: 10 Tyvek Problem Tags, 10 Tyvek Opportunity Tags, 10 nylon ties, 25 Problem Tags, 25 Opportunity Tags, 10 Move Tags, 10 reclosable baggies for tags, 2 paint pens, 1 roll of colored vinyl tape, ANSI color codes, 2 Sharpie© permanent markers, 4 ballpoint pens for tags, 4 temperature strips, 60 large grease fitting caps, 40 small grease fitting caps, 3 sheets of gauge marking labels, 1 tube of torque seal, 10 visual oil test cards, 1 Zebra card, 1 copy of Lean Machines for World-Class Manufacturing and Maintenance, 5 Vibration Analysis Pickup Discs with labels, and 30 lube labels.

Set of 5 Plastic Tag Pockets (Item # 046)

Our Problem Tags and Opportunity Tags  are used to flag the locations of items needing improvement right on the equipment. We have developed a set of high-impact plastic tag pockets to hold the bottom parts of the tags. These pockets (3.5" x 4.75" x 1.5") can be attached to your "action boards" or walls with screws or the included double-stick tape. This set of five individual pockets comes with labels for you to attach: Tags, Mechanical to Do, Electrical to Do, In Progress, Done.

Plastic Tag Pocket (Item # 047)

These high-impact plastic pockets are the same as in the set of five above (3.5" x 4.75" x 1.5"). They are sold individually and without labels so you can create your own "action board" arrangement.

Large grease fitting caps (#012), lube point labels (#048), and small grease fitting caps (#013) 

Lube Point Labels (Item # 049)

Create your own lubrication point labels with these colored vinyl dots placed next to grease fittings, filler caps, containers, and reservoirs. These colored 1-inch-diameter self-adhesive labels are the most durable we have found—weather, water, chemical (most), and traffic resistant. Write on them with a fine-point permanent marker, cover with the clear vinyl overlay, stick it on the equipment, and the label is virtually permanent. Available in red, green, yellow, white, blue, orange, and black.

Lube Point Labels (Item # 048)

These labels are the same as Item #049 but without the protective vinyl overlay. Available in red, green, yellow, white, blue, orange, and black.

Grease Gun Sleeve (Item # 050)

Reference Guides

Based on extensive TPM work with companies around the U.S., we offer these handy Reference Guides.

A Facilitator's Kit for NASCAR: A Model for Equipment Reliability & Teamwork (Item # 051)

Now you can use one of the most powerful examples of NASCAR champions as shown in our exclusive video Uptime Excellence in Action. See how a championship team prepares to win not only a race, not just one championship, but four championships. See how the DuPont #24 car, driven by Jeff Gordon, became a NASCAR dynasty. See the role of teamwork and how it is essential for equipment performance and reliability. Witness the effects of leadership on keeping the team focused, engaged, and on the track to win. This kit (#051) includes: the Uptime Excellence in Action video (29 minutes, VHS or DVD), a facilitator's guide with two-hour and four-hour session outlines, PowerPoint slides linking NASCAR to the six elements of equipment reliability improvement, and participant handout masters. (Note: Sold only as a kit. Items cannot be sold separately.)

Lean Machines for World-Class Manufacturing and Maintenance by Robert M. Williamson (Item # 008-1)

This edition launches the next level of world-class simplicity for modern manufacturing and maintenance. We have collected and explained proven methods for simplifying the interactions between people and machines. Consistent with the principles of Lean Manufacturing, this book emphasizes techniques that eliminate many of the equipment-related wastes in the workplace. If we can apply and use the visuals and minor modifications in the context of Lean, we will be able to reduce operating, manufacturing, and maintenance costs. This book contains hundreds of hints and tips that will improve equipment effectiveness and simplify work. 111 pages

Visual Systems for Improving Equipment Effectiveness by Robert M. Williamson (English version out of print. Item # 041 for Spanish)

This is a TPM-specific guide to the types of visual communications and information systems that work. Included are detailed "how-to" sections on using problem tags, operator checklists, equipment marking, TPM action boards, and more. 60 pages

Lean Machines CD PowerPoint Presentation by Robert M. Williamson (Item # 008-2)

We have produced a companion to our Lean Machines book. This presentation is an easy-to-use PowerPoint 2000 CD with more than 100 slides that have been used and continually updated by author Robert M. Williamson for more than six years in his in-plant workshops and seminars. With slides of all of the illustrations and photos contained in our Lean Machines book, this CD is designed to use in group training sessions. With this presentation, you now have access to the many different full-color examples of visual systems as applied in actual industrial settings. Handout materials and facilitator's notes can also be printed from the CD for your classroom use.

TPM in America by Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Item # 011)

This book on American TPM approaches includes case studies from Harley-Davidson, Magnavox Electronics Systems AT&T, Briggs & Stratton, and The Timken Company. Almost every aspect of TPM is discussed with actual examples from American plants, both union and non-union.

Proven Tips for Equipment Troubleshooting by John Robertson (Item #030)

More than 100 pages of problem-solving tips. Use this pocket-size handbook for helping maintenance personnel, operators, reliability technicians, and others understand the many factors that contribute to improved equipment performance and reliability and ultimately lower operating costs. 150 pages

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