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By: Switchgear  09-12-2011
Keywords: Call centre, Switchgear

"We need sales, sales, sales…” Are you a Customer Service business and revenues have been flat for a few years? Not hitting this year's more aggressive targets and missing “the other” revenue opportunities? Is your product complexity increasing and your brand positioning has become unclear? If your Contact Centre doesn’t do sales today, are they prepared to start selling? How SwitchGear can help you increase your revenue:

“Our implementation feels chaotic, nothing seems to stick..”

Do you think your management team could be more accountable and focused? Are there too many projects and everything is a priority? Is the complexity of your Call Centre growing and your processes are bogging down? Meetings aren't efficient or effective? Decisions slow? Motivation low?

How SwitchGear can help your operations run smoother:

“Our customer experience has to get better…”

Are your customer satisfaction scores stuck in neutral? First Call Resolution still too low? Are your customers (or agents) feeling the stress of frustrated, impatient agents (or customers)? Are your First-Line Leaders controlling or coaching? Do you have a systemized approach to handling escalations and complaints?How SwitchGear can help improve your Customer Experience:

Keywords: Call centre, Switchgear