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Wireless Internet:

Wireless internet is available in two speeds: 512k and 1meg .
Both of these speeds are symmetrical which means you get the same speed for uploads and downloads.

  • 512k connection is $34.95 per month
  • 1 meg connection is $44.95 per month
  • $99 one time setup fee
  • Equipment rental is $6 per month


Personal Megabits Plan:

  • $17.95/mo No setup fee

Personal 640k Deluxe Megabits Plan:

  • $39.95/mo No setup fee

Analog Dialup (including X2, K56 and V.90):

Personal Premier Plan:

  • $19.95/mo No setup fee (Group, Military, and Student discounts available)

10 For 10 Plan:

  • 10 hrs. of Internet access
  • $10/mo ($1.50/hr after 10 hrs)

Dialup ISDN:

64k Dialup ISDN:

  • 150 hours per month ANYTIME
  • $24.95/mo $20 setup fee ($2.25/hr over 150)

128k Dialup ISDN:

  • 150 hours per month ANYTIME
  • $39.95/mo $20 setup fee ($2.50/hr over 150)

Front Page Extensions

  • One time setup fee of $25

We promise to not oversell our lines (10 to 1 user to modem ratio.)

GREAT DEAL - Buy a whole yearÂ’s worth of internet access
and pay for just 10 months!

To sign up please call Colorado Springs 572-5704 or
Denver 695-6178 or toll free 800-859-3452.

Technical Support hours from 9am to 9pm Monday through Thursday,
9am to 6pm Friday, and 12am to 5pm Saturday.

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Keywords: internet access