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At Sweet Momma Spas our focus is on you. because at this special time in your life, you deserve more attention than ever before. Let our comfortable environment, relaxing atmosphere, and certified, professional staff help you escape the trials of pregnancy and take you to a calming place to unwind, indulge, and realize the joys of becoming a Sweet Momma.



Massage Therapy

Sweet Momma therapeutic massages are tailored for each woman’s specific stage of pregnancy.

Preconception and early pregnancy massage is relaxing and gentle, focusing on stress relief and maintenance of a healthy mind and spirit. Second trimester massage focuses on feel-good hormones and calming tender spots. Third trimester massage is designed to ease the aches, pains and swelling, and post pregnancy massage helps release tensions by boosting feel-good hormones and aiding in birth recovery - a wonderful solution for body and breast tenderness after the baby arrives. Water filled massage tables are used in our massage rooms to ease tension on pressure-points and ensure mothers lay and re-adjust comfortably throughout the massage. Furthermore, we use only the finest, unscented organic massage lotions safe throughout all stages of pregnancy for both mom and baby.

Custom Full-Body Massage; a one-hour, Sweet Momma custom full body massage focuses on relieving tension and calming stress, individually designed with each clients specific needs and stage of pregnancy in mind. Clients are also presented the option of enhancing their massage experience by choosing a special selection of scented, moisturizing organic body butters available by the season. $93Fertility Massage; developed by Sweet Momma acupuncture and pregnancy massage professionals, the Sweet Momma fertility massage is a marriage of two therapeutic techniques; soothing deep relaxation massage and an acupressure treatment. The massage portion of the service focuses on deep, calming relaxation, where the acupressure portion targets pressure points specially designed to release energy blockages and emphasize hormone regulation. $93Induction Massage; induction Massage helps to relax and calm the body, easing tensions and reducing stress. In addition, massage therapists focus on specific acupressure points, normally avoided during pregnancy, to aid in stimulating hormones and trigger labour induction. $110Thai Massage for Pregnancy; A Special Treat For our St. Albert Guests!Sweet Momma Spa offers Thai Massage for Pregnancy. Thai massage is a comfortable effective way to relieve muscle aches, swelling and/or restriction in movement. Thai massage offers a relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating treatment all in one. During your massage your RMT will use specific pressure points and stretches to increase circulation and relieve fluid build up. Thai Massage is performed on the floor on a firm mat. Please bring comfortable loose clothing to wear during the massage. Available only at Sweet Momma Spa St. Albert. $110Lymphatic Massage; lymphatic Massage is designed to stimulate lymph circulation to enhance detoxification and waste removal from the body. A combination of gentle, rhythmic strokes and calming, pumping movements directed towards lymph nodes helps to relieve post-birth stress, cellulite, and stretch marks, weight problems, fatigue and overall wellbeing. $110Nursing Massage; Sweet Momma massage therapists ease your discomforts of breastfeeding with the ultimate upper-body massage, including a relaxing head, neck, shoulders, breast and lymphatic drainage treatment sure to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. $110Baby Massage; baby massage is an ideal way to enhance bonding, aid in growth and development, and improve sleep and relaxation for both parent and baby. Let Sweet Momma massage therapists demonstrate and teach one, or both parents, baby massage techniques that can bring parents closer to their new additions. $110Private Couples Massage Class; learn to massage your partner! Our Sweet Momma massage therapist will teach you a variety of massage techniques used for relaxation at home, as well as techniques and pressure points helpful in reducing stress and easing discomfort during labour. $110Head, Neck or Foot massage Add-on; add a relaxing head and neck or calming foot massage extra to your massage treatment to further unwind and make the most of your spa experience. $28Extra Fifteen Add-On; need more time to relax? Treat yourself by adding an additional fifteen minutes onto any massage. $28


Acupuncture is an effective way to promote natural healing and improvement of body functioning by inserting fine needles into specific stimulation points on the body. The practice of acupuncture can be ideal during pregnancy as it offers women a drug-free alternative to managing their health and well-being.

Fertility Acupuncture; Acupuncture is a great alternative for both women and men seeking to enhance their ability to successfully conceive. Acupuncture can be used hand in hand with reproductive techniques such as IVF, IUI, and other fertility treatments to help support a healthy pregnancy. Sweet Momma Fertility Acupuncture Treatments work to aid in the natural balance of hormone levels, reducing stress and optimizing specific aspects of reproductive health.

Prenatal Acupuncture; prenatal acupuncture treatments can aid women in taking a hands on role in managing their pregnancy. Acupuncture can be used to ease morning sickness, cramping, back, neck and shoulder pain, effectively and without the use of drugs. Additionally, regular treatments can help naturally prepare the body for childbirth, shortening labour, reducing the use of medical interventions, and reducing anxiety over the birthing process. For more information see the Prebirth treatment below.

Postnatal Acupuncture; Sweet Momma postnatal acupuncture treatments can help at this trying time by regulating hormones, increasing energy and replenishing women’s overall health.

All Sweet Momma Acupuncturists are certified specialists with advanced training in preconception, prenatal, lactation, and post partum acupuncture techniques.

First Acupuncture Treatments consist of a one, one-hour session with a certified Sweet Momma Acupuncturist, where clients specific needs are addressed and an appropriate treatment plan is created for future sessions.

First Treatment $96, Follow up $76



Personalized Nutrition Diet Analysis

(Metabolic Programming)

The Sweet Momma Nutrition Diet Analysis is a complete nutritional assessment of changing dietary habits and metabolic needs throughout the course of pregnancy. Sweet Momma provides comprehensive, customized sessions tailored to individual nutrition needs during preconception, prenatal, lactation, or post partum pregnancy stages. These spa-exclusive nutrition programs provide our clients with the knowledge to achieve optimal nutrition and promote the best health for mothers, expecting mothers and growing babies. $129

Nutrition Follow-up

As certified experts specializing in pregnancy nutrition, Sweet Momma Dieticians understand the additional requirements needed for mothers to achieve optimal health for themselves and their babies. Follow-up appointments consist of evaluations and modifications to existing nutritional plans in order to ensure diets continue to suit the lifestyles of our clients. $76



With new demands placed on your body during pregnancy, take care of your skin by treating yourself to the best in pregnancy safe, spa-quality skin-care. Sweet Momma facials are designed for women of all skin types, and include a customized skin analysis, professional steam treatment, extractions and soothing arm, neck and shoulder massage.

Signature Organic Custom Facial

At Sweet Momma we know what you put on your skin is of the utmost importance. Our personalized, Custom Organic Facial uses only professional quality organic skin products to cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Our one-hour, professional spa facial is customized to your skin type and is safe for both mother and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy. Go ahead. Indulge. $98

Custom Organic Deluxe Facial

Revel in the luxury of our Signature Custom Facial, but take additional time to relax, unwind and let Sweet Mommas delicious organic products go to work. The deluxe facial includes an additional mask and extra massage. $128

Organic Fruit Peel

An Eminence Organic Peel, enzymatically removing dead skin cells, brightening the complextion, reducing acne scars and imperfections, invigorating the deeper layers of the skin, creating a smoother, youthful appearance. Add on to Facial $30 on its own $50

Bright Eyes Treatment

Eye treatment with a facial to target milia, crows feet, dark circles, fine lines, puffyness and dryness.

Add on to any facial or chemical peel for $19 or on its own for $39

body treatments

Body Treatments

It is crucial that mothers and mothers-to-be take the time to focus on the joys of pregnancy. At Sweet Momma, the focus is on making our clients the center of attention for the time they are with us. Sweet Momma provides a variety of relaxing, pregnancy friendly, treatments, services and products mom regardless of her stage of pregnancy.

Sweet Momma uses Eminence Organics, a complete organic, spa-quality line of skin care products for its services and treatments. Eminence derives all of its formulas from naturally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, with no man-made materials or animal by-products, making all products safe for mother and baby.

Sweet Momma Refreshing Body Polish; Sweet Momma Body Polish Treatment is a rejuvenating therapy designed specifically for women during and after pregnancy. A combination of massage, soothing exfoliation and moisturization, the organic body scrub is completely rejuvenating, leaving skin soft, supple and full of energy. Depending on the season, clients will be presented with their choice of organic scrub and moisturizers used in the service.$86Signature Sweet Momma Body Wrap; its time to wrap up your pregnancy! Sweet Momma Body Wraps will give clients a fresh start with a post-partum, slimming Blueberry Soy Body Wrap, designed to reduce water retention after the arrival of baby. Let Sweet Momma therapists treat you to a soothing dry brush treatment, organic, slimming body wrap, and luxurious moisturization to refresh your body and mind. $118Blossoming Belly - Hydrating Belly Treatment;Sweet Momma exclusive, the Blossoming Belly Hydrating Belly Facial is a specialized treatment to ease the discomforts of tight, stretching and sometimes itchy skin during pregnancy. Lay back, relax, and indulge in this luxurious Sweet Momma signature, nine-step custom treatment of intense moisturization, complete with our own fruit and chocolate hydrating body mask. $98Infrared Body Wrap; Sweet Momma Infrared Body Wraps are specially designed to reduce cellulite and aid with post-natal weight loss. This warming body wrap, massage and cinnamon paprika stimulating treatment works to increase blood flow, burn fat cells in fatty tissue, regenerate collagen fibres and help skin appear softer, smoother, glowing and refreshed. $118Clairfying Back Treatment;Relax and let our spa estheticians help rejuvenate those hard to reach areas. Sweet Momma Back treatments are skin smoothing, anti-blemish treatments used to combat the extra woes arising during and after pregnancy. $118Stretch Mark Fading and Prevention Add-On; Looking to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Add a smoothing Stretch Mark belly add-on to any body treatment. $28

Pedicures and Leg Therapies

Signature Ultimate Leg Therapy and Pedicure

Designed for women suffering from tired legs and swollen feet, the Sweet Momma Ultimate Leg Therapy is a spa exclusive, unique pedicure, aimed specifically for women in the pre-natal stage of pregnancy. Performed with legs in an elevated position, sore feet and legs are treated to the best in spa therapy this luxurious treatment includes a soothing leg scrub, mask, and relaxing leg and foot massage designed to increase blood flow and reduce cramping and swelling, and is completed with a professional spa pedicure and nail-work so toes are painted and refreshed for delivery. $86

Professional Spa Pedicure

Relax with this soothing foot and nail treatment. Clients will enjoy a luxurious spa foot massage, scrub and mask, followed by a professional spa pedicure. $68

Cooling Spa Pedicure

Designed for anti-swelling and cooling hot feet, Sweet Mommas Cooling Spa Pedicure uses icy-cool products to combat the toasty demands of pregnancy. Chill out and unwind while delighting yourself with this professional pedicure treatment. $68

Professional Pedique

Get beautiful looking nails without all the maintenance. Sweet Mommas Professional Pedique is an innovative, gel overlay designed to rest on the nail bed and beautify your toes. Made of light cured resin, Pediques are flexible, dermatological tested, look natural, and are proven not to yellow. Try it with either your favourite polish or natural French tips. $86

Sweet Feet - add-on

In a rush? Add an express pedicure to any of your scheduled services, including your choice of foot massage or professional nail treatment. $49



Signature Spa Manicure

Enjoy a relaxing arm and hand massage, followed by a refreshing nail treatment that will reduce unwanted swelling, stress and leave your hands feel soft and wonderful. $70

St. Albert location only

Axxium OPI soak off gels, smooth gel look without all the hassle of grow out or fills.

French Tips - add-on

Complete your Spa Manicure with a professional French look. $10

Polish change; $20



Sweet Momma offers women a variety of waxing options from brows and arms to bikini line safe for mother and baby at any stage of pregnancy. Sweet Momma Certified Spa Estheticians use warm, cream wax designed especially for sensitive skin to ensure most clients are able to receive all of our offered wax treatments.

Underarm Wax; $26

½ Arm Wax; $48

Full Arm Wax (Includes Underarm); $62

½ Leg Wax; $62

Full Leg Wax (Includes Signature Bikini); $90

Chin, Lip or Brow Wax; $20

Bikini Waxing

Signature Bikini Wax;

Signature Bikini Waxes include a standard clean up of the bikini line and inner thighs. $50

Blossoming Belly Bikini Wax;

Blossoming Belly Bikini Waxes are a Sweet Momma exclusive the service combines the Signature Bikini Wax, along with a clean up of the navel down, toes, and a stretch-mark oil treatment finished with a refreshing, all over cooling spray. $60

Signature Brazilian Wax;

Signature Brazilian Waxes incorporate removal of all hair along and underneath the bikini area, as well as from the labia majora, to the perineum and anus. $80

Blossoming Belly Brazilian Wax;

The ultimate wax treatment Sweet Momma Blossoming Belly Brazilian Waxes combine the extras of the Blossoming Belly Bikini Wax, along with the complete hair removal of the Signature Brazilian. A combination you won't find anywhere else! $90

spa packages

Spa Packages

Enjoy exciting combinations of specialized Sweet Momma treatments designed for maximum benefit, synergy and energy throughout your pregnancy. Spa packages are designed to work together in a truly integrated way, by combining complementary therapies for an enhanced pregnancy experience. Uplifting and safe, these treatments will make you look and feel like a Sweet Momma.

Womb Service - Pedicure and Bikini Wax Be delivery ready with the ultimate Womb Service treatment! This package includes pre-delivery prep and well deserved leg massage and pedicure. $120Baby Body - Manicure and PedicureLook and feel great at any stage of pregnancy! This classic manicure and pedicure combination for your hands and feet will leave you ready to take on anything. $140The Sweet Momma Special - Pedicure and MassageCombine a relaxing, Custom Full Body Massage and refreshing Leg Treatment for two hours of complete bliss. The Sweet Momma Special is a deluxe combination of our most popular Sweet Momma spa treatments. $150Scrubcious Momma - Massage and Body Polish Rub away your worries with this amazing full body treatment. Great for before or after baby, treat yourself to a Custom Full Body Massage and refreshing Body Polish a wonderful gift for new moms and moms to be. $150You Glow Girl! -Facial and Massage Experience one of our Signature Custom Organic Facials and a therapeutic, Custom Full Body Massage. Just what you need to get your glow on! $170Better after Baby - Body Polish, Facial and Stretch Mark Treatment This spa treatment will make the weariest new moms feel wonderful! Your treatment will include a body firming scrub, professional rebalancing facial and smoothing stretch mark treatment. $180Spa Momma - Pedicure and FacialThis complete body spa treatment is wonderful for any stage of motherhood. Experience two outstanding organic spa treatments, rejuvenating your skin top to bottom. $165The Last Stretch - Pedicure, Body Polish and Stretch Mark Treatment An unbeatable treatment for your last trimester, this revitalizing package will leave any mother ready for that Last Stretch! $170Push Present - Body Wrap and Facial You deserve it! Take a moment for yourself while enjoying our relaxing and refreshing body wrap and facial. $195New Addition - Massage, Pedicure and Manicure This treatment is wonderful for all new mothers. Pamper yourself with this signature spa treatment after a much deserved 9 months! $210Luscious Momma - Massage, Pedicure, and FacialTreat that someone special to over three hours of ultimate rapture the Luscious Momma treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for life. $240Deluxe Momma - Massage, Body Polish, Pedicure and FacialEverything is included in this blissful package of treatments ensured to make any mom feel like new. $300Bliss Momma - Deluxe Facial, Pedicure, Massage, Body Polish and Manicure You're in bliss relax and unwind with a full day of total body rejuvenation! $380
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