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By: Sweed  09-12-2011
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Nearly every day mill operators are injured while dealing with red-hot, razor sharp tube scarf. Sweed Machinery’s TS450 OD Scarf Chopper is the solution that is proven to reduce the risk of serious injuries, make handling of scarf manageable, and increase mill production. Installing a Sweed chopper in place of an existing winder eliminates repeated threading of hot scarf, handling heavy scrap balls, and most importantly gets the operator away from dangerous scarf streams.

Most operators find Sweed’s TS450 surprisingly easy to use- instead of threading winders repeatedly, the scarf stream is simply fed into the chopper’s tension controlled, heat-dissipating pinchroll feedworks which automatically keep the hot scarf moving through the chopper where it is chopped into 4” lengths and discharged to a collection bin or evacuation chute. In most cases the chopper in-feed can be positioned close to the scarf knife making it faster, easier and much safer to operate than threading a winder. With the scarf-handling problem solved the operator has more time to oversee process control, increasing productivity and quality.

Roll form fabricators are also finding that replacing their winders with in-line Sweed Slitter Trim choppers is a very effective scrap solution. Chopping slitter trim provides almost total “hands off” management of scrap from the slitter line to a collection container, and ultimately to a recycler.

Sweed offers proven solutions in either stock or custom configurations, for nearly any linear scrap problem. For more information, contact Sweed sales at 1-800-888-1352

Keywords: scrap

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Sweed is known in the industry as the superior choice in providing: the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service and excellent after-sale support for both their line of scrap chopping solutions and veneer and panel handling equipment.