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By: Susy Fonseca  09-12-2011
Keywords: Reiki

Reiki Services

Reiki is Japanese for "Universal Life Energy". It is an energy treatment that

helps create balance, relaxation and well-being

through a non-invasive, light hand touch on the body. When the body enters a relaxed state using Reiki it triggers the

body’s natural healing ability

. (The Dr. Usui method used)

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a supportive process that guides you with discovering answers, exploring direction and creating new. It is the stepping stone to creating what you want in your life.

Programs & Workshops

Explore the full potential behind the choices you make with these programs and workshops. They dive into your creation process to reveal the possiblity for more empowerment, direction and all the good stuff.

  • How much power do you perceive having?
  • What impacts your ability to create what you imagine and want?
  • How are you defining yourself at this moment?
  • What additional wants are looking to be included in your life?

Events around the city

  • Me-Time Dates
  • Workshops at group rates

Keywords: Reiki