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By: Surgical Tourism  09-12-2011
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Surgical Tourism Canada has been involved with organizing, testing and treatment for MS / CCSVI the day the W5 story about the “Liberation Procedure” was telecast in Canada.

STC was instrumental in setting up special surgical units to perform the Liberation Procedure for the first time in India at the Fortis hospitals, Bangalore, headed by Dr. Rehan Sayeed, The Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, headed by Dr. V. Balaji and the Fortis hospitals, New Delhi headed by Dr. Vikas Gupta.

STC was instrumental in negotiating and facilitating testing for several hundred MS patients from across Canada.

Surgical Tourism Canada was also responsible for arranging the visit of Dr. Marian Simka from Poland to Vancouver to train the Radiology Staff at the False Creek Centre. Subsequently, STC was responsible for setting up four medical teams in India at our JCI ACCREDITED partner facilities to perform the “Liberation Procedure”. STC is working closely with its partner hospitals, TheApollo Hospitals Group in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad (where the first batch of our patients underwent the “Liberation Procedure”), and TheFortis Hospital Group in Bangalore and Delhi , facilitating training of the Physicians and Radiologists with Dr. Simka in Poland. Our team of neurosurgeons and vascular surgeons from the Fortis hospital, New Delhi, India have trained with Dr. Simka in Poland . The team is now performing the “liberation procedure” at the Fortis Hospitals. We are already completed a number of Liberation Procedure this facility. STC is the only official Canadian representatives of these two organizations.

Since March 2010, Surgical Tourism Canada facilitated several hundred Liberation Procedures successfully at  Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi to date.  All parients have returned with variying degrees of improvements. We are now sending groups of patients monthly to all our 4 partner facilities and are accepting bookings.

Our partner hospitals are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology like high end Doppler Machine, Flat Panel Biplane DSA, Advanced DynaCT, 3D Imaging, highly advanced Neuro-Interventional Lab etc.

It is imperative that All MS patients who undergo the Liberation Procedure undergo regular follow ups which include, immediate PT/INR level follow ups and medication adjustments upon return to Canada, 3 month and 6 month follow up Doppler/ MRI studies , and a brain MRI at 12 months to study plaque regression.

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) remains a research based cause for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A complete contrast enhanced ‘traditional’ MS MRI study of the brain and cervical cord in addition to CCSVI research protocol has evolved as the best combination method for both investigation of CCSVI and follow up. A regular ultrasound will only be able to give information of the jugular veins in the neck after they exit the skull. Ultrasound is limited by being highly “user dependent” and regular ultrasound cannot “see” through bone. Flow quantification MRI does not have this problem. In fact, it is equally easy to view the veins inside or outside the skull, neck or chest with Flow Quantification MRI. Research based Siemens’ MRI protocol developed by Dr. Mark Haake is used to ensure consistency of MRI data analysis which includes SWI and Flow Quantification.

For the convenience of our patients, STC is now offering a 3 month and 6 month follow up study in Vancouver as part of our package. The twelve month follow up brain MRI should be booked by your family physician or Neurologist as a routine exam for an MS patient. Physician requisition is required for all follow up studies. The cost of follow up will now be included in our package price.

For those patients who want to have a preoperative study done, this can also be arranged.

Our packages are all inclusive. We take care of all your ticketing needs, priority arrangements, wheel chair assistance if needed, hotel stay during transit, airport pick up at destination airport, transport to our JCI ACCREDITED partner hospitals, pre surgical consults, admisssion, surgery, post surgical neuro rehab, post surgical consults,  return travel arrangements and follow up arrangements with your local physicians upon return.STC partners with Flight Centre and lufthansa is the STC official airline. We are the only organization that offers you the complete deal at JCI ACCREDEDITED partner hospitals  without any hidden surprises !

Keywords: Hospitals, multiple sclerosis

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