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By: Supreme Stone  09-12-2011
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Landscape Design
& Consultation is our process of creating ideas with the homeowner, providing advice on environmentally sound design choices and creating a plan to match your particular needs and interests.

Landscape Lighting
uses outdoor spotlights to illuminate and enhance your home or business's architectural and landscape features. Lights will brighten darker areas as well as make it easier to see steps or offsets in your landscape. They also give yourself a little added security for your home
Interlocking (Driveways, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Steps) will give a classic and beautiful look to your driveway and to your home. The variety of colors, patterns and styles provides a range of choices to suit any style of home.
Walkways can tie a front yard to the back or from the driveway to a patio. The creative use of stone can welcome your guests to your front door while providing an interesting footpath.
Retaining walls can define an elevation change or create the illusion of elevation where none exists. They can provide a natural looking landscape for vegetation or a barrier that creates function.

Patios, Decks & Fences is a great way to enhance your backyard outdoor living space. Patios allow for that extra ground level room to entertain your guests. They typically are made from bricks, concrete pavers, concrete slabs, or stone, such as slate or bluestone.
Decks typically are made from wood or a composite material. A wooden deck is a perennial favorite, as it provides a classic, natural look. Among the woods to consider are pine, cedar, and redwood. These deck woods then can be finished to protect them from the elements and change the color tones, if desired.
Fences come in a wide range of styles. Whether it is designed for privacy, safety and security or to accentuate your property our fences will work and look great. Supreme Stone Inc. is an ideal choice for designing, fabricating and installing your fencing system.

Water Features (Waterfalls, Pools, Ponds) can provide a sanctuary within a yard. They are custom-formed in a variety of shapes and sizes and tiers. Whether it's a dramatic waterfall or a quiet pond, water works its magic on any garden, providing a focal point and soothing the soul.

Garden & Plant Installation is Supreme Stone’s way of planning a space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. We can incorporate both natural and man-made materials into your garden. We are trained in the principles of design and in horticulture, and have an expert knowledge and experience of using plants.

Tree Planting & Removal
is a service we provide to our customers who wish to have a professional job done. Whether you plan on planting one tree or a few trees, planning ahead and contacting a professional can make the difference between success and failure. Our team will assist you in choosing the right tree for the right location so that no problems arise in the future. We also have the expertise, equipment and experience to solve your most challenging tree care problems.

is a sedimentary stone that is split into thin layers, allowing it to be used in many landscaping projects. The variety of colors, versatility of uses, wide availability, durability and beauty of flagstone make it an ideal material to use in a range of landscaping projects. Flagstone has a naturally non-slip surface which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.

is a service we provide that ensures your deck, landscaping and home are safe from water damage. We also provide leak detection and repairs for new construction and both residential and commercial construction. Openings such as cracks or other faults in walls can be an unwanted source of water infiltration. Depending on the type and extent of the problem, the repair can be localized or may require excavating around the entire building. When excavating around your entire house, our staff will take care not to disrupt more than is absolutely necessary to ensure that a quality repair is done. Our experienced team gets the job done quickly. We apply the latest scientifically approved methods while using the best products and materials available. When the job is finished, water in your basement will be a thing of the past.

Asphalt is a composite material commonly used for construction of pavement, highways and parking lots. It consists of asphalt binder and mineral aggregate mixed together then laid down in layers and compacted. Some of the benefits of asphalt on your driveway are it prevents oxidation from the sun, it resists oil and gasoline drippings, it eliminates water damage and it can renew the original black look.
Concrete driveways represents and investment that is designed to last a lifetime. It can also lend itself to a wide variety of design options that can make a dramatic difference in home landscaping and enhance property value. Homeowners take great pride in the exterior of their home. The concrete driveway has become an essential part of a landscaping plan that imparts an inviting image. Concrete’s wide variety of texture, color, or patterns has elevated the driveway to the status of a landscape design element meeting today’s homeowner’s exacting demands.

Bobcat & Excavation Services
allow you to take advantage of our professional equipment that is the core of any construction project. Our team will clear the land and move the soil to make way for construction.
Snow Plowing/Removal & SaltingContracting with Supreme Stone Inc. Guarantees your
lots and sidewalks are cleared in a timely fashion during and after a storm. We
monitor weather and traffic conditions to constantly provide information to our field
operators to ensure a safe on-time arrival at property sites. Equipment and
personal are available to be dispatched for any snow event regardless of the
accumulation amounts. Supreme Stone Inc. caters to both commercial and industrial customers and is equipped to handle the most extreme snow conditions.Supreme Stone has a client case consisting of industrial buildings, physicians offices, healthcare facilities, churches, town home developments, apartment complexes and residential areas. now for a FREE quote for this upcoming winter season!

Keywords: Deck, driveway, landscape, Landscape Design