Superstitions - Childhood

By: Superstitions  09-12-2011

45. First a daughter, then a son, The world is well begun. First a son, then a daughter, Trouble follows after. Maine and Massachusetts. 46. First a son, then a daughter, ..

60. A child to whom is told any story which he considers remarkable will usually reply by an expression of skepticism, such as: Really and truly? Honestly? Earnest, now? or, You are fooling. The first speaker answe..

To stump another boy to do a thing is considered as putting a certain obligation on him to perform the action indicated. The phrase is sometimes used, although the person giving the stump may not himself be able to..

76. Put a mark upon a paper for every bow you get, and when you have one hundred bury the paper and wish. When the paper is decayed you will find your wish in its place. Cambridge and Bedford, Mass. 77..

79. If two persons, while walking, divide so as to pass an obstruction one on one side and one on the other, they will quarrel. Children avert this catastrophe by exclaiming, bread and butter, which is a counter ch..

81. The stars are angels' eyes. Westminster, Mass. 82. The stars are holes made in the sky, so that the light of heaven shines through. I remember, as a child, that this idea was suggested to me on see..

89. An eyewinker placed in the palm of the hand will cause the ferule to break when the teacher strikes the palm with it. Portsmouth, N.H. 90. Pine tar or pitch in the hand will prevent the blows of the..

91. At croquet, if your ball was about to be sent flying, the safeguard was to draw an imaginary X with your mallet, saying, Criss cross. It made your enemy's foot slip, and many a girl would get mad and not play, ..

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Superstitions - Dreams

To dream of smooth water means good luck; of rough water means ill luck. To dream of cod or caplin is a sign of rainNewfoundland. To dream of white things is lucky (or sign of death?). Dreaming of white things is a sign of snow in summer. To dream of walking through snow means sickness. To dream of a dead mother is unlucky. To dream of small change is bad luck. It is bad luck to dream of fire.


Superstitions - Cures

On Ash Wednesday before sunrise dip a pail of water in a running brook (up stream), bottle it.. Having a piece of bread and taking another is a sign some one is coming hungry. If you drop a slice of bread with the buttered side up, it is a sign of a .. Green glass beads worn about the neck will prevent or cure erysipelas. Maine, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Superstitions - Love And Marriage

The day after a wedding is called the bride's day, the next day the groom's day; the condition of the weather on these days will indicate wh.. A Halloween custom is to fill a tub with water and drop into it as many apples as there are young folks to try the trick. Then each one must kneel before the tub and try to bite the apples without touching them.. If you are a bridesmaid three times you will never stand in the middle.


Superstitions - Babyhood

An open hand in a baby is a sign of a generous disposition, but a habit of closing the fingers indicates avarice, or, as we say, closefistedness. Monday's bairn is fair in the face, Tuesday's bairn is full of grace, Wednesday's bairn is loving and .. It is lucky for the child to cry at baptism, but unlucky for the godmother to wear mourning. The bairn that is born on fair Sunday Is bonny and loving.