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By: Superdroid Robots  09-12-2011
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Robot Design, Kits, Parts, and Related Items..
.  These robot kits are assembled custom robots that are ready to go.  They were primarily built as development robots with the most popular features of our standard robot kits.

.  These robot kits have tracks or treads instead of wheels.  The tracks allow these robots to climb stairs and go over just about any terrain.  The robots can be controlled with simple RC control or we can customize it with RF, WiFi, or other control system.

.  These 4WD and 6WD robots are used as great low cost platforms for your robot projects.  They can be customized with many different body styles, wheels, motors, motor controllers, batteries, and controls.

.  Another new line of robots and parts.  They are not programmable, but teach basic building concepts, mechanical mechanism principles, and are fun to build and play with.

.  These robots utilize omni-wheels.  The wheels can be positioned in line and used to carry heavy loads up to 200lbs, or the wheels can be angled so the robot can vector (go any direction without turning).

.  These cables convert common TTL signals (0, +5V) to RS232 (-12V, 12V) signals and visa versa.  We also have 0,3.3V TTL converters and Handshaking (CTS, RTS) cables too.
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Gear motors for your robot projects.  Standard, heavy duty, and miniature servos.  Wheels that mount to servos and wheels to drive your robot.  Robot Tread Systems.
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  Electronic products including batteries, chargers, interface boards for the OOPic, motor controllers, PWMs, high current drivers, radio telemetry sets, electrical connectors, wire jumpers, voice synthesizers and more. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

.  Small wireless cameras and pan and tilt systems that will fit on the Trekker or your own robot project.  The cameras can also be used for many other functions where wires are cumbersome or unwanted.  Also WiFi 802.11 Wireless TCP/IP LAN Cameras.
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Keywords: Cameras, robot, Robot Kits, Wheels, Wireless Cameras

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The robot pictured above and to the left was a camera boom mounted a 6WD robot platform with a 360+ degree swivel base, and a 110+ degree tilting head. The robot also has ultrasonic sensors, bumper switches, and battery monitor so the remote user can easily control and monitor the robot. It pictured robot was designed specifically for a customer and weighs over 200lbs and is about 4.5 feet tall.