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By: Superdroid Robots  09-12-2011
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SuperDroid Robots has extensive experience designing, programming, and building robots. SuperDroid Robots can customize a Robot for your personal needs. Our engineering and development services include a fully outfitted machine and fabrication/weld shop capable of doing rapid prototyping on site!

Pipe Inspector. Weighs <2lbs fit into a 5" Pipe. IR Camera with LED headlights, wired or tethered mode controlled from a PC. Made for inspection of Pipes and temperature monitoring.

Robots of all Sizes

Industrial X-Ray transporter. 2200lbs, 7ft long, 4ft wide, 3ft high. 1ft wide Tracks. Twin 7.5HP Motors. 2000lb+ payload capacity. 10,000lb+ towing capacity.

Robots with Altitude..

The robot pictured above (collapsed) and to the left (extended) was a camera boom mounted a 6WD robot platform with a 360+ degree swivel base, and a 110+ degree tilting head. The robot was able to look over obstacles ~4 feet tall. The robot was WiFi controlled with an IP camera mounted on the top of the arm.

The Robot above is a scissor lift mounted on a 4WD ATR. A camera pan and tilt was mounted on top. The robot was RC controlled.

The remote presence robot or telepresence robot is a robot that can be controlled over the internet via their wireless network. The robot is used as a remote presence for a employee that can not come to the office. It pictured robot was designed specifically for a customer and weighs over 200lbs and is about 4.5 feet tall. The robot is controlled by the remote user who also has a web camera at their location. Their face is displayed on the 17" LCD monitor. The robot has an Axis PTZ camera that allows the remote user to see what the robot sees. The robot also has ultrasonic sensors, bumper switches, and battery monitor so the remote user can easily control and monitor the robot. The remote user uses the robot instead of himself/herself being physically present at the office. The robot moves around the office, attends meetings, etc. The robot is equipped with an onboard battery charger, computer, controller, and can be plugged in when its not being driven. It will run more than 8 hours on battery power.

The Robot on the left is our standard IG42 6WD robot powered by two 24V battery packs and controlled with an Atmel ATmega128. The autonomous robot has RC override and includes dual channel wheel encoders, compass, 4 line LCD, sweeping ultrasonic and IR sensors, Camera Pan and Tilt, and more..
This robot was one of the more unusual robots we have made. A company in Africa wanted a robot that looked like turtle, but had a high resolution camera on a pan and tilt system. The robot is controlled wirelessly as it recorded video that was received wirelessly. The undercarriage of the robot is 6WD. The turtle shell was made from a aluminum wire cage covered with foam and fiberglass then painted to look like an African turtle.

Custom Control Program to control system form a PC over a serial port.

Concept CAD image of drive train of a house robot.

We have built robots for Hollywood and Broadway. We built a robot platform for Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. We have also built robot platforms for a Broadway show. After receiving two larger platforms, they liked them so much, the ordered another two smaller platforms. The platforms could carry a couple hundred pounds each and were RC controlled.

A company requested a robot to inspect confined spaces. The inspection involved sending the robot in and video recording. The robot was also equipped with a laser distance meter that would pan and tilt (360 pan, -10 to +95 tilt) with the camera and record all the data. A program was written to autonomously drive the robot forward, position the camera and laser, then record the data on a PC. All the control was wireless from the robot to the PC. The robot could be manually driven from the PC too. Due to the confined space requirements the robot was water tight and also had an inert gas purge to keep the electronics cool and prevent condensation. The entire system was needed in less than two weeks, so we retrofitted the camera and gas purge system onto one of our existing robot platforms.

A UK university wanted a camera pan and tilt system that provided very accurate positioning. A stepper motor pan and tilt system was designed and built. The stepper motors were controlled with a micro stepper controller that allowed accurate positioning to fractions of a degree.

Pictured to the right is the finished system. We took some videos of the system. The system could pan more than 360 degrees and the tilt was capable of more than 45 degrees in each direction.


A university research department wanted a custom Trekker and provided us a CAD drawing of the sensor array desired. This photograph shows the robot upon completion.
A training school client wanted a 15lb BattleBot built rapidly. We provided a CAD rendering and a proposal Less than 2 days later, the customer had his BattleBot!

We can design and build any electro-mechanical device, it does not need to be "robot" related.

Robotic services/design, PICs, programming, & RS232 to TLL converters are our specialty. We have extensive design and 3-D CAD experience.

Key Benefits

  • Large company literature database to find the right parts and pieces to build a personalized robot to suite your needs.
  • Fabrication and Engineering Facilities to support your needs with rapid prototyping.

The Trekker was designed with

Keywords: Battery Packs, Camera, Programming, robot

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They can be customized with many different body styles, wheels, motors, motor controllers, batteries, and controls. The robots can be controlled with simple RC control or we can customize it with RF, WiFi, or other control system. They were primarily built as development robots with the most popular features of our standard robot kits. Small wireless cameras and pan and tilt systems that will fit on the Trekker or your own robot project.