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By: Superbuilt  09-12-2011
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A lot of character is within natural stone, as its lines, curves and shades are never the same.  Natural stone is great for a country look; they can be stacked natural rocks, or you could use the big natural stone boulders to build the wall.  They can also be cut to introduce modern lines.

Here is a stacked stone wall.  The wall resolves grading issues on the driveway and also defines the garden beds and raising the height of the trees used for privacy.  Each stone is cut to a different size and is hand-picked to fit together like a puzzle:

This is an example of the "boulder-like" wall, hand-picked so each rock fits together in a natural and organic way.  You may notice that the edges of the project, the walls and the edge of the steps using natural rock to frame the interlock centre.  Beach pebble is used to fill in gaps and provide more textural interest:

This example uses natural stone for the lower-level retaining walls and interlock stone for the upper-level walls.  The similar colour scheme links the two contrasting material:

Natural Stone Suppliers:

Here are some natural stone suppliers that we use:

Farmer Jack's has many options that differs week by week.  It is best to go over and check out their stock.  We prefer Farmer Jack's because of their great service and dependable products.

404 Stone:

We are happy to work with any supplier should you find a stone that you love at with another supplier or if there is a supplier closer to your location.

Keywords: Garden Beds, Natural Stone, Retaining Walls, Wall

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Interlock is usually more cost effective than natural stone and presents a lot of aesthetic possibilities because their stones are consistent in shape and colour and they perform predictably. The walkway to the right uses two types of borders, a large stone followed by a charcoal medium sized stone, framing a linear pattern that flows with the curves.


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