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By: Super Nanny Canada  09-12-2011

For all the professional services we provide, you only need to pay a one-time basic service fee of as little as $250, which is equivalent to a few days' pay to a caregiver. You can simply think this fee in effect as a stipulation that, for all the benefits of obtaining a diligent and affordable caregiver almost effortlessly, you only need to wait a few more days for the caregiver to start working. This shows how affordable our service fee is. This fee is payable when you have made your hiring decision and we start the paperwork for you. An additional service fee may become applicable only if you require extra services from us to help handle some of an employer's tasks (e.g., setting up a payroll account and calculating statutory remittance) or if your search scope is restricted to local candidates only. This additional fee depends on your specific request and reflects our additional time and efforts involved. Under no circumstances will this fee exceed a caregiver's monthly pay.

It is because we are cognizant of our services' social benefits as well as their profitability that we are willing to set our fees lower than the prevailing market rates.

Caveat Emptor
The prudential way of organizing and managing our operations enables us to reasonably underquote our service fees. We would like to caution you, however, that there are two divergent types of nonsensical agency fee schemes in the market.One is over-priced agency fees that can amount to as much as the employee's two-month gross pay. These are what a big corporation would normally pay a sophisticated head-hunter to recruit people like you. But for employing a nanny or caregiver, you should not pay that kind of rates to any placement agencies that just play-act like an executive head-hunter.The other is the opposite extreme where some devious agencies charge you nothing or even pay you an "incentive" fee for hiring a caregiver applicant from overseas. Unsurprisingly, they charge the foreign applicant extra dearly in order to make a profit after covering their costs and your "incentive" fees. What these agencies are doing is to use you to turn out a position opening and sell it to whoever can pay a hefty price for an immigration opportunity. They are actually running an immigration business under the nameplate of a nanny placement agency. Beware of such tricksters and stay away from them!
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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Informative conversation After receiving your enquiries, we assign a recruitment advisor to speak to you, answer your questions and understand your situation. Work permit application As soon as your job offer is confirmed by Service Canada, we guide your caregiver to apply for a Canadian work permit. Job offer confirmation Following your hiring decision, we prepare all the documents for you and submit them to HRSDC for approval.


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We take our time to listen to you in order to fully understand your family situation, in terms of your requirements and preferences as well as the special needs of your family members to be cared for. We do everything in our power to ensure that you have the most dependable, capable, compatible and affordable nanny or caregiver for your family.