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By: Super Nanny Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Employment, Work Permit

  • We do NOT discontinue our post-placement support until the employment term finishes.
  • We do NOT represent any caregiver applicant in her work permit application.
  • We do NOT take the Canadian government's credit for checking caregivers' police clearance and health.
  • We do everything in our power to ensure that you have the most dependable, capable, compatible and affordable nanny or caregiver for your family. We achieve this by a combination of the following.
    Screening We further scrutinize these qualified candidates by directly interviewing each of them. Using our instincts and experience from an employer's perspective, we weed out those who look good only on paper. We accept only the cream of the crop that is truly compassionate, experienced and hard-working.
    Understanding your situation We take our time to listen to you in order to fully understand your family situation, in terms of your requirements and preferences as well as the special needs of your family members to be cared for.
    Introducing employer "buddy" We connect you with a Canadian family who used to be in a situation similar to yours before hiring their caregiver. We encourage you to consult this employer "buddy" about the process of recruiting a caregiver.
    Short-listing and matching We recommend you a few caregiver candidates that best suit your family situation. After you have reviewed their profiles, telephone interviews with your short-listed candidates are arranged for you.
    Evaluating and selecting After you complete your interviews, we sit down with you to compare our notes. By evaluating each caregiver candidate's suitability and analyzing your concerns, we help you determine which one is the most suitable for your family situation.
    Formalizing your offer Once you have made your choice, we help you negotiate the terms and conditions of the employment to both parties' satisfaction. Then, we create a formal job offer for you in accordance with applicable employment standards.
    Obtaining government approval We prepare all the paperwork for you and submit an application to HRSDC for approval. We also guide your caregiver to apply for a Canadian work permit in her country of residence.
    Providing ongoing support After your caregiver is granted a work permit, we coordinate her travel to your home. Upon her arrival, we help you adjust to your role as an employer and benefit from an agreeable and effective employment relationship.

    What we don't do
  • We do NOT overstate or "sugarcoat" any caregiver's qualifications or experience.
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    Keywords: Employment, Work Permit

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