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By: Sunya Circle  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership

One day Workshop -‘Unleash your Authentic Leadership potential’

For whom: If you are an Executive who is committed to to grow your career this workshop is for you. Especially, if you are at a ‘break-out’ point in your career towards higher levels of responsibility or towards becoming a self-employed entrepreneur. This program would interest University students and informal grass-roots leaders considering a corporate career.

Benefits: You will achieve familiarity and a working knowledge of ‘Authentic Leadership’ concepts. This will enable you to kick off a Self-Awareness based personalized road-map.

  • Learn how to unlock your true leadership style by giving yourself the freedom to be genuine.
    How to engage with team mates, challenge leadership and stretch team goals enabling a ‘winning team’ culture.
  • Gain perspective: equip yourself with tools to better understand the macro-environment /organizational context and the ‘fit’ with your own priorities. Generate a deeper understanding of the true nature of ’success’ and ‘failure’.
  • Gain Insights: Share learnings in an easy-to-relate manner …focus on concepts related to organizational excellence and inspirational leadership. Distill the common message embedded in age-old wisdom across diverse cultures of the world.
  • Propose a frame-work to systematically remove blocks and unleash your (and your team’s) true potential. Discover the magic of tapping into the self as our true guide. Share examples of taking inspiration from nature and objects we come in touch with every day.
  • Leverage Team EQ: learn how to create a foundation of mutual respect. Treating others as equals, being a good listener, learning from people and from direct-experience.
  • Promote a sense of self-worth based on Values centred on the principle of
    ‘Authentic Leadership’.

Keywords: leadership

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