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By: Sunshine Organic Farm  09-12-2011
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Our Products 

We currently offer Pasture raised Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Pork. Our laying hens are outdoors during the summer months and in a spacious barn during the cold  months. Eggs are available year-round.

The Poultry are brought in as newborn chicks –free of any medical treatment. They are fed organically raised grains grown on our farm while in the brooder and at four weeks of age graduate to greener pastures. Here they enjoy the best of everything: fresh air, sunshine, green grass, alfalfa and healthy soil to scratch in. Ed builds the birds specially designed mobile homes, which we move on a daily basis. This keeps them safe from predators, protected from bad weather and provides them with clean pasture every day.
The intensive labour is rewarded tenfold with delicious, lean, contented birds and healthy soil

Our Cattle are completely home raised, with the first animals coming home in 1980. Only the Bulls are purchased. This fine bunch of “ladies” is truly Ed’s pride and joy. His love for them is reflected in the way they come running to him when he visits the pasture. All our animals are treated kindly and handled quietly. They are fed only organically grown feed and pastured on fertilizer-free fields and are GRASS FINISHED.

Pigs are raised outdoors, fed farm-raised rations and customers are amazed at the wonderful taste and aroma of the meat. Slaughter at a non-organic federal plant in Warburg means they only travel ten minutes in the  trailer and we are able to have them returned to the farm for cut and wrap with the skins on so we can offer flavorful, crispy skin on hams and roasts for those customers who miss this old-fashioned product.

Keywords: pasture

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