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By: SunRise Healing Center  09-12-2011
Keywords: Natural Healing Products

Products | Healing Begins..

Welcome to “Faith Is In Your Hands” Products  page!

Cynthia will be offering products through her website to buy TBA in the near future.

You can look forward to all Natural Healing products fogused on helping self-healing!

List of what to come:

Tumbled Crystals:

  1. Rose Quartz,
  2. Smoky Quartz,
  3. Clear Quartz,
  4. Amethyst,
  5. Citrine,
  6. Red Jasper,
  7. Carnelian,
  8. Blue Quartz.
  9. Hematite and more…
  10. Silver Cage Necklace 
  11. Gem Bags Velvet (assorted colours)
  12. And more….

Charka Products:

  1. Clearing and Balancing Kits
  2. Charts for Clearing and Grounding
  3. Meditations CDs
  4. Grounding CDs
  5. Books to help educated for Self-Healing
  6. And more….

Natural Products:

  1. Himalayan Lamps
  2. Himalayan B ath Salts
  3. Magnesium Bath Salts
  4. Magnesium Gel
  5. Magnesium Spray
  6. Incense Sticks
  7. And more…

Self-Help Massage Tools:

  1. Massage Crystal Wands
  2. Trigger Point Tool
  3. Essential Oils Blends (Headache, Muscles and Pain)
  4. Self-Massage Book and E-Book         
  5. And more…


Keywords: Natural Healing Products

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