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By: SunRise Healing Center  09-12-2011
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Welcome to the page of DETOX.

Cynthia is now a Certified IonCleanse Practitioner

To celebrate her accomplishment, she is offering you a very special price for Ioncleanse Foot Baths. The prices are shown below!

As many of you know, we live in a world that is full of toxins, it is in our water, food, cleaners, and air and also in what we use to clean and maintain ourselves personally. Research has proven that we can do many things to help your bodies have fewer toxins in it; the best way is to have Ioncleanse foot bathes on a regular basis. But what most of us do not know that these toxins are causing many health problems; from babies, right up to the very elderly. We need to learn what we can do to help your bodies maintain fewer toxins so the bodies can function at a much healthier level, thus making your body feel stronger, happier, and healthier.

Cynthia can now show you where in your body you are holding these toxins. It could be in your liver, stomach, Adrenals and many other places. By doing a simple muscle test she can help you figure out where you are holding these toxins. Then after the IonCleanse she will retest you and see if the body has released these toxins and now is working at a balance state.

What are toxins and why do we need to release them? These are great questions! Well, everyone and every living thing has toxins and their bodies knows how to natural get rid of most toxins. The waste that your bodies let go from many different parts of your bodies like when we sweet, go to the bathroom, when we cry, or even when we sneeze is some of the body’s natural way of detoxing the toxins that are in the body. But for a lot of us, there are so many different kinds to toxins; the body can not release these toxins without some help. We all should help your bodies detox. Here is a video clip that will explain how, way and how often we should help your bodies detox with just a very simple and save way of detoxing.


Faith Is In Your Hands are now offering ionCleanse foot baths.

- 30 min. Session is $50.00

- 5 -30min. Sessions for $225.00

- 10 - 30 min. Sessions for$450.00 - if you book all 10 sessions and get the first one FREE

Give a Gift Certificates on Detox Packages, there are great for any occasion!

1. One hour massage and 30 min. ionCleanse Foot Baths for $125.00

2. One hour Reiki/Energy work and 30 min. ionCleanse Foot Bath for $135.00

3. Half hour Reflexology and 30 min. ionCleanse Foot Bath for $95.00


Happy Detoxing two feet at a time!

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Keywords: foot bath

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