SunCana Solar

By: Suncana Solar  09-12-2011

• Model: JNF-32 (16.5) A
• Rated Power Pm: 32W
• Working Voltage Vm: 16.5V
• Working Current Im: 1.94A
• Open Circuit Voltage Voc: 23.8V
• Short Circuit Current Isc: 2.4A
• Size: 1380*400*2 mm
• Max System Voltage: 500V
• Fuse in Series: 5A
• Weight: 3 kg
• Bypass Diode: Yes

* Within the first eight to ten weeks of using the modules the power output is about 10% higher than rated. This increased output and the above specifications needs to be taken into consideration when installing the modules to avoid damaging electrical appliances.

• Ambient temperature for use is -40° C to +85°C