By: Summatis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Networking Solutions

XETA's believes that solutions are the combination of application and infrastructure services and supporting technologies that help achieve an operational or strategic objective.

Our solutions solve a problem or a challenge. Do you need to give dial tone phone service to 200 people in a branch office? We have a solution. Is your current infrastructure capable of handling both mission critical applications and bandwidth-hungry teleconferencing? We have a solution. Need to connect people to information across multiple devices and geographies? We have a solution. Need to secure your environment? We have a solution.

We Choose the Best Partners

XETA has leveraged its commitment to service quality and established presence in the marketplace to establish and build close relationships with top voice and data manufacturers and software vendors. Our certified engineers are out in the field working with vendor products; they understand the technology and how it works in production environments and as a result, provide valuable input for improving them.

We choose our partners, but we choose them with your needs at the forefront. We have the expertise to integrate new solutions with legacy systems and we can help you leverage new technology and solutions to extend or increase the value of existing voice and data investments.

A Heritage in Voice

We understand "always on". Telephone systems have always been a utility; you depend on them and expect them to work. Our history is founded in developing and implementing PBX systems, which we leveraged into close partnership with the top manufacturers in the sector. This background has given us valuable insight into determining the right voice system for your needs. With the flexibility and broad range of features available in today's voice networking equipment, desktop and softphones, we can recommend the solution that best fits your business environment.

Expertise in Data

To be in business, you need to invest in data networking equipment and the software applications required to manage it effectively. Our vendor-neutral approach to selecting networking solutions offers you the confidence that XETA will recommend the best solution to meet your unique needs.

Keywords: Networking Solutions

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From network security devices from Juniper Networks, to security software for telephony systems from Avaya, to management of data throughout its lifecycle, XETA has expert advice and services to secure your information and meet compliance demands.


Data Networking

As companies look to reduce cost by collapsing environments the data network has become the backbone of virtually every business; used to exchange information internally, communicate with customers, collaborate on ideas and participate in the global economy. We have partnered with the top vendors in the data networking space, including Avaya, HP, Juniper Networks and have committed resources to the evolving needs of our customers.