By: Summatis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property

Your business is valuable. The people and the physical and intellectual assets that make up your business are worth protecting. The threats to your business are many and always evolving and you have to respond.

You have to address both physical security and information security. Physical security prevents unauthorized access to buildings and areas within buildings such as secure data centers. Information security addresses threats to IT infrastructures and intellectual property and encompasses data security, identity and access management, network security, application security, Web security and other areas.

In some cases, you may actually be required by law to provide protection for information about your employees and customers. Demonstrating and maintaining compliance can be a major undertaking.

Experience You Need, People You Trust

Few businesses have all the expert resources on staff needed to provide truly complete protection. In addition, navigating all of the choices can be confusing. Who can you really trust? XETA.

XETA's on staff CISSP-certified resources demonstrate expertise in physical, logical and behavioral information security. We can design and install wiring systems, closed circuit surveillance systems, keypad access systems and other assets to help secure your buildings and property. We can also train your staff around best practices in human intervention, intrustion prevention and exposing of vulnerabilities.

Our nationwide technical staff also includes experts in information security and we provide a broad range of security products and services. From network security devices from Juniper Networks, to security software for telephony systems from Avaya, to management of data throughout its lifecycle, XETA has expert advice and services to secure your information and meet compliance demands.

Security Solutions are Smart Business Decisions

A trusted partner that can provide security advice and services that protect information, allows you to trust that your business is secure. Security solutions from XETA also offer your business:

  • Protection from external threats such as viruses, spam, network attacks
  • Protection from internal threats such as theft, fraud, inappropriate materials
  • Security of customer data such as medical records, payment information and identity
  • Reduced costs due to loss of inventory
  • Secure yet open relationships with business partners and vendors
  • Proof of compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Legal recourse and forensic evidence in the event of loss

Keywords: Intellectual Property

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As companies look to reduce cost by collapsing environments the data network has become the backbone of virtually every business; used to exchange information internally, communicate with customers, collaborate on ideas and participate in the global economy. We have partnered with the top vendors in the data networking space, including Avaya, HP, Juniper Networks and have committed resources to the evolving needs of our customers.



Our certified engineers are out in the field working with vendor products; they understand the technology and how it works in production environments and as a result, provide valuable input for improving them. XETA has leveraged its commitment to service quality and established presence in the marketplace to establish and build close relationships with top voice and data manufacturers and software vendors.