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By: Summa Ryan  09-12-2011
Keywords: employee relations, Workers Benefit Protection

Our Capabilities

The firm engages in a nationwide practice under federal, state and local statues, regulations and ordinances.  These include, among others the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Civil Rights Action of 1964, Civil Rights Act of 1991, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Pay Act, Davis Bacon Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Action of 1986 (COBRA), Americans with Disabilities Act, the Public Employee Relations Act of Connecticut, and various local human rights acts.  In addition, the firm has extensive experience in litigation actions arising under the United States and Connecticut Constitutions.  We represent clients in common law actions arising out of contract or torts such as employment termination cases, negligent hiring and retention, emotional distress claims, confidentiality agreements and agreements no to compete, and employment related libel and slander actions.

We have considerable experience working on behalf of management in both the private and public sectors. 

In the private sector, we represent companies throughout the United States in a wide variety of industries such as health care, trucking, finance, retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation, warehousing and distribution, construction, agriculture and hospitality.  Each industry presents a special set of circumstances and unique traditions.  Our attorneys have accumulated extensive experience in all such industries, to the substantial advantage of clients facing similar circumstances.

In the public sector, we represent a growing number of municipalities, boards of education and governmental agencies throughout Connecticut.  Each level of government is marked by distinctive characteristics and governed by unique laws and procedures.  Our attorneys have experience in all types of public jurisdictions and are able to bring their resultant proficiency to bear on behalf of our clients.

In both the public and private sector, we are often retained by our clients’ insurance providers for defense of employment-related actions for which insurance coverage is provided.  Because our firm is typically involved in investigating matters giving rise to the claim and is therefore already familiar with the case, and because of our firm’s specialized practice and expertise, we are able to provide an efficient and cost effective defense to such employment-related claims.

Our Expertise In Labor And Employment-Related Practice

 We represent the interests of management in a variety of settings and in a multitude of situations.  While each case involves its own individual characteristics and unique variables, the needs of our clients typically fall into the following general categories:

    Assistance in Compliance, Effective Employee Relations Actions

Assisting Management in the Preservation of Union-Free Workplaces

Preventive Measures, Fostering Positive Employee Relations

Counseling, Seminars, Advisory Opinions


Keywords: employee relations, Workers Benefit Protection