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By: Sui Solutions  09-12-2011


We can create websites to serve the following business needs:

  • Promotional: Promotes your brand and informs customers about available products and services.
  • Corporate: Automates some business processes and provides reference information for employees.
  • Portal: Consolidates information resources into one system.
  • Product catalog: Showcases products in an organized way and allows for customer feedback.
  • E-Shop: Supports the online sales cycle, including payment and delivery control by the customer.
  • B2B System: Automates business processes with your corporate partners.


In addition to web development, we also offer a full range of hosting services. Using the latest technology, we can provide the exact level of service your solution requires.

Support & Maintenance

Our goal is to quickly make changes to your sites at your request. Just let us know about your new business needs and we’ll make updates accordingly. In addition to improving the system, we’ll also make documentation of the changes.

Advertising & SEO

SEO (or search engine optimization) is an important aspect of any website. Effective SEO work will place your website at high positions on search engine results for specific keywords. We can work with you to increase the visibility of your site to your target audience.

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This includes creating the missing pieces to improve functionality between a customer’s existing FileMaker solution and non-FileMaker tools, such as web interfaces, data sync services, software for handheld devices and more. Custom solution development ensures that our clients achieve the exact functionality they need without unnecessary features that might be a part of an existing commercial solution.