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By: Studio Hz  09-12-2011

Hunting is one of Jose’s favorite pastimes. As a matter of fact, he really loves hunting a lot. He does it every chance he gets. Even on work days, he will wake up at four in the morning, just so he can spend a few hours in the woods. When work is finished, he will go back out in the evening again. He will stay out until it is late, and then he will go home to eat, spend time with his wife and kids, and then go to sleep to wake up and start his cycle all over again.

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You usually have to plait your hair before you wear them, and this means that if you have your hair done too tight, or have your corn rows on for too long, it will start to break. Remember the clip is biting onto hair and if you leave it on all the time, you will weaken and eventually break the hair. The other thing that can happen is damage if you leave your clips on too long. Some people will even develop bald patches.


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Bird identification skills can be very easy to pick up in many cases especially where the bird you are looking at has some striking colors or other identifiable features that make it stand out a lot form the other birds that you are likely to see on any birding trip your undertake.