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By: Stuber Insurance  09-12-2011

Your house may be your castle… 

But how long will it be your home?

Don’t wait another day to find out more.

One quick call is all it takes to find out more about inexpensive, effective mortgage protection.

It’s one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, but how secure is it? If something happens to you, will your family be able to afford the mortgage payments? If you have not planned financially for untimely death, you do not have complete mortgage protection. Before another day goes by, do something to protect your family’s home with Elite Term, affordable, effective term life insurance.

We’ll help you keep your house your family’s home, no matter what happens. Give us a call right away to find out more about just how affordable total mortgage protection really is.

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New Car Insurance Discounts: * 8% discount on auto insurance just for being a New Jersey homeowner* Additional 5% discount by insuring your home with one of over ninehomeowner carriers through Stuber Insurance Agency. Ask for details onour discount package program covering both your car insuranceand home insurance.Talk with us today about this and other available discounts.


Individual Health Insurance (pay monthly

Whether you’re looking at a health, dental, disability or long-term care personal or business health plan, your health insurance agent or broker will help you identify the benefit products that will satisfy your needs or the needs of your company. Joe can provide the expertise you need to make the right choices and can help you find the best plan for your particular needs.


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We provide personal property protection as well as cover additional living expenses when you’re forced from your home. Allow us to help you determine your home’s replacement cost to be sure you have the proper home insurance coverage. Protect your home, property and related outbuildings including fences, driveways, and sidewalks. Have comprehensive Personal Liability protection worldwide in case of injury to others.


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Survivor income should generally be a percent of current income – 65 – 75% is a common average. How long the income should last is an important component in an effective needs analysis. The ‘life insurance needed” total is based on the dollar amount of input values. Simple calculation only – time value of money is not factored in. Estate Administration is often a percent of the estate value. Educational costs do not account for inflation.


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On a personal level, we offer Universal Life Insurance and Mortgage Insurance to Long Term Care, IRA and Low Interest loans as your local affiliated agent for Assurance Partners Bank. From Property and Computer Hardware / software coverage to Workers Comp to Surety Bonds, we can advise answer questions and be sure you have the proper coverage for your business. Find out what automobile insurance discounts might be applicable to your policy.