Tension Membrane Structures - Architectural Fabric Structures

By: Structurflex  09-12-2011
Keywords: Architecture, Fabric Architecture, Tensile Architecture,

For the past 27 years, Structurflex has specialised in the customised design, fabrication and installation of Tensioned Membrane Structures, executing many
projects throughout and the world and gaining recognition as a successful sub-contractor within the fabric architecture industry.

Tensile Architecture offers the potential to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and complement the natural environment

Custom Structures

Custom structures evolve from a defined design idea or shape that can be developed into a viable tensioned membrane or fabric structure.

Fabric architecture is both highly aesthetic and functional. One of its key advantages is the flexibility of design it affords, and the ability to create shapes no other building material could achieve as well as providing lightness, translucency and heat and light reflection.

Whether it’s working alongside designers, architects and clients, or providing design direction – Structurflex can take charge of the entire project from concept to completion. From the design stage, right through to the engineering and build, Structurflex is truly a one-stop-shop.

Pre Engineered Structures

Pre engineered structures are a great way for customers to achieve the same high quality as custom designed and built structures at a lower cost. By manufacturing multiple structures from one initial design cycle, the engineering cost component is amortised over a number of structures, reducing the cost.

Typically pre engineered structures are held in stock, which offers the added benefit of a fast turnaround time as they can usually be despatched immediately.

Retractable Umbrella is a good example of a pre-engineered structure available from Structurflex.

Conceptual Design

A substantial part of Structurflex engineering and design activity is dedicated to conceptual design.

From brief outline concepts to the implementation of futuristic first off applications in materials and technology,

Structurflex can turn a clients vision into reality while working within the governing building control rules all over

the world.

Structurflex also actively participates in design forums as well as in the educational aspects of tensile architecture.

Keywords: Architecture, Fabric Architecture, Tensile Architecture,