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By: Strategic Leverage  09-12-2011

Experienced Execution

  • We offer execution support for our clients implementing significant strategic actions
  • Our process-orientation and experience will help gain organizational alignment and deliver faster results

When senior management has made a commitment to act against a given strategy, resources are in short supply and continuity is required – we can arrange to have one of our senior team members provide implementation support. Paired with a senior internal sponsor, our ongoing support can make sure that project implementation remains tied to the original recommendations, that key internal resources are identified, that incentives are tied to program success, and that timelines are followed.

Implementation Support Services

  • Identify key resource requirements
  • Develop and implement organization design
  • Structure incentive programs
  • Maintain strategic integrity
  • Oversee ongoing market research and trials
  • Resolve problems
  • Develop & manage timelines
  • Execute internal marketing programs & secure alignment
  • Coordinate agencies
  • Design and execute external marketing programs
  • Develop sales execution programs
  • Coordinate customer support

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