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By: Strategic Leverage  09-12-2011

Business Communication 2.0

Tangram is a web-based collaboration, messaging, and document management solution for business teams. It offers an interaction hub that is pre-organized around the structure of your company and the initiatives and activities of your business. As a result, Tangram offers a searchable, easily accessible knowledge base for your business teams.

  • Team members get up to speed fast
  • Group knowledge base is no longer buried on shared drives, retired share points, in in-boxes, or on individual hard-drives
  • Creates transparency around strategy, tactics, and individual accountability and action plans
  • Allows for invite-only discussions

Technical information and benefits:

  • Simple to use, rapidly deployed, and scalable
  • High-level security and advanced data encryption
  • Blackberry accessible (premium service only)
  • Reduces document backup
  • Accessible from any computer

Tangram is an SLC Ventures Company.

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