Cobra™ Illuminator | Cobra LED

By: Stockeryale  09-12-2011
Keywords: Leds, fiber optic, Led Light

Extreme brightness and reliability

  • Slim Design
    Form factor comparable to fiber optic line lights
  • Modular Design
    Any length up to 5m in 100m increments
  • Uniformity
    Higher chip density & improved alignment
  • Thermal Design
    Optimized & insensitive to orientation
  • Field Adjustable Lens & Diffusers
    Select your  line width & working distance
  • Integrated Driver and Control Software
    Automatic protection, overdriven strobing and external control

The COBRA Slim Linescan Illuminator has been designed "from the chip up" for the extreme requirements of high-speed linescan and web inspection. The LED-based lines COBRA lines are comparable to or outperform halogen and fluorescent line illumination, while offering all of the many advantages of LEDs — much longer  life, specific wavelength, controllability, and increased reliability.

Category leading intensity and uniformity  is achieved by means of ProPhotonix unique experience and capabilities in Chip-On-Board custom LED packaging. The chip-on-board approach to LED light engine packaging yields an essentially unbroken line of semiconductor light source, resulting in an extremely high level of uniformity. The thermal and optical design is optimized enabling the highest performance possible form these COB light engines. The combination of features results in crystal clear linescan images.

Keywords: External Control, fiber optic, Led Light, Led Light Engine, Leds, Lights Modular, Modular Design, Optical Design,

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