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By: Stern Consulting In  09-12-2011
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Stern Consulting supports clients in developing detailed requirements for software. A requirements definition project determines the key business, technical, and functional requirements that would be required for a software application to ensure that it meets the client’s needs.

The Requirements Definition (RD) process it very critical to the overall success of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. If the requirements gathered are not accurate, the proposed vendor solutions may not fit the client’s needs and be able to address their key issues. To guide our RD efforts, the following approach will be utilized:
1. Start from a baseline.
2. Write requirements in clear and concise statements that permit validation.
3. Focus on future state needs.
4. Consolidate similar requirements and system-wide requirements
5. Organize requirements by function, module, and/or process.
6. Perform a preliminary fit-gap analysis.
7. Outline system-wide issues.

After the RFP is issued, Stern Consulting will support client’s analysis of proposals. Stern Consulting points out critical issues for clients to consider in making its choice. In addition, Stern Consulting will provide a tool for the client to evaluate and rank the RFP responses, which will aid the discussion on which vendors are selected to return for the on-site demo.

Keywords: Stern Consulting