By: Sterling K. Morghan Consulting  09-12-2011

What can we do to help your Organization?

Save you time and money! Send a delegate to attend a public session on recruiting and making good recruitment decisions. Dates to be announced soon.

                                                                  HOT WORKSHOP TOPICS

                                                                 + Preparing a job description

                                                                 + Screening techniques

                                                                 + Value of assessments

                                                                 + Creating Behavioural based interview questions

                                                                + The interview process and selection

                                                                 + Attracting, Motivating and Retaining top employees

                                                                 + Get the most from your investment!

If you do 1 thing this year….

    This is the  1   thing to do.

Register for  1   of these workshops today!


You will save time and money!

You will thank yourself!

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