By: Sterisense  09-12-2011
Keywords: Analytical Services

Sterisense offers DNA-based analytical services that determine the nature of the sample source by determining how similar or dissimilar the sample's DNA is in comparison to a comparison reference.

For these tests, we provide the client with sample collection kits and instructions. Results of the analysis are sent to the client with an explanation of the underlying technology and publicly available reference points for the methodology and related data sets.

Examples of services currently provided include:

  • DNA signature sequence confirmation by DNA sequencing;

  • species identification by DNA barcoding; and

  • sub-species identification by DNA microsatellite analysis.

These services are based on established analytical methods and validated test protocols.

We have also worked with individual clients to develop novel DNA-based protocols, reference sets and tests specific to their applications. Contact us to explore our approach to developing new tests.

Keywords: Analytical Services