Overview of Sterimixer Magnetic Coupled Mixer

By: Steridose  09-12-2011
Keywords: Impeller, Mechanical Seal, Permanent Magnets

Sterimixer Features

  • Effective mixing
  • Mixing to the Last Drop
  • Bottom Mounted
  • Prevents sedimentation
  • Reduces foaming
  • CIP/SIP Design
  • Low shear Design
  • Autoclavable
  • Variable Speed
  • High Performance
  • No Need for Baffles
  • Interchangeable Impellers
  • Removable drive-units
  • Full containment
  • For vessels from 5 liters - 30.000 liters
  • Fully CIP/SIP Clean In Place / Steam In Place.


Sterimixer consists of the following components:

  • Impeller
  • Bearing
  • Weld-plate
  • Drive unit with magnet rotor
  • Control box 

The impeller contains permanent magnets that create a magnetic coupling with the magnet rotor. The magnet rotor is coupled to a gear reducer and motor assembly. The bearing assembly provides a rotating surface to the impeller.

There is no physical connection between the drive unit outside the vessel, and the impeller inside. Therefore, there is no penetration to the vessel, which eliminates the need for any mechanical seal or other sealing devices.

Cleanability of Sterimixer

Sterimixer is CIP and SIP able. It was developed thinking of cleanability as the main design consideration. Numerous tests have been conducted with all our types of impeller heads.

Cleaning Test results are available upon request.
Please, contact us for more information.

Steridose is the original manufacturer of the Sterimixer®. Steridose is continuing a long-term commitment to supply and support Sterimixer® products, together with its focus on manufacturing excellence and future product development. Complies with all relevant pharmaceutical regulations. Applicable to liquid based formulations within biotech and pharmaceutical processes e.g. injectables, vaccines, solutions, plasma fractions, bacteria and cell cultures, and different types of suspensions.

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Other products and services from Steridose


Tank Weld Plate - Providing a Flexible Platform

Comparable SMA and SMO models fit into the same weld plate and bearing, making it easy to exchange impeller types. Additionally, in most weld plate sizes, more than one size mixer can be installed, providing a flexible platform. The weld plate is welded onto the tank bottom and is made out of AISI 316L stainless steel.


Rotating Bearings for Impeller surface

This proven design provides a flat rotating surface that combined with the design of the magnetic coupling ensures rotational stability. The journal bearing design minimizes rotating elements and contact surfaces, therefore limiting particle generation. Ensures that the bearing is effectively cleaned during CIP/SIP. The bearing assembly consists of male and female bushings.


Designed with Easy cleaning - Impeller Options

SMO is an open design that exposes all surfaces to the cleaning solution just by means of directing flow from a spray ball to the impeller head. During cleaning, the flow channels force cleaning fluid through the bearing area, providing very effective and repeatable cleaning results. SMA generates very low shear forces, which makes it ideal for applications with shear sensitive products, such as mammalian cell cultures.


Magnetic Coupling - Radial Design for String Magnetic Coupling

The design of the magnetic coupling is key to a proper operation of the mixer unit, in particular of the bearing assembly. The Sterimixer coupling does not create any additional forces to the bearing while the impeller rotates. The magnetic coupling design is radial, which creates a very strong magnetic coupling. This allows Sterimixer to work with products with viscosities up to 1,000 cP.


Drive Unit - with angled Gearbox Option

Some models are equiped with bayonet coupling that facilitates installation/removal of the drive unit. Drive Units are offered in different types, such as AC, DC, Stainless Steel, Explosion Proof and AIR. It consists of the magnet rotor, gearbox and motor. The angled gearbox reduces the space requirement.