By: Stephens Adamson  09-12-2011

Problem: Spillage

Solution: Seal the loading area. Support the belt edge. Deflect the material towards the center of the belt. Eliminate mistracking.

Best solution: Install a Stephens-Adamson in combination with a Stephens-Adamson Impact Station. The or supports the belt edge, eliminating belt sagging. For maximum wear life and best efficiency, install a on the inside of the bottom of the chute and along the skirt boards to keep material away from the seal. Center the belt by installing a Stephens-Adamson so that the belt edge stays outside of the seal.

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STEPHENS-ADAMSON - new conveying

Reduced belt tensions and optimized idler roll loading mean more tonnage can be handled on the same conveyor without the need to upgrade to larger idlers or a higher strength belt. In the ESIdlerâ„¢ or Super ESIdlerâ„¢ configuration, all four rolls are lower rated and their design capacity is more efficiently utilized. Reducing belt tension, lowering operating costs.



If a single cleaner is required the Pre-Cleaner is recommended for coarse or wet and sticky material and the T-Cleaner and Arm-Cleaner for dry and fine material. For cleated belts carrying dry material a Stephens-Adamson or is the best solution. A in combination with a or an is the most efficient solution for smooth belts. Use Stephens-Adamson's engineered belt cleaning system.