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By: Stephens Adamson  09-12-2011
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Reducing belt tension, lowering operating costs. Reducing energy consumption. lowering capital costs, and increasing capacity.


Therefore, in traditional three-roll configuration, these rolls are much larger than required only for the convenience of inventory control. In the ESIdler™ or Super ESIdler™ configuration, all four rolls are lower rated and their design capacity is more efficiently utilized. The lower rated rolls offer another spin off benefit. A smaller diameter shaft means a smaller sealing area thereby reducing the opportunities for contaminants to make their way into the bearings. ESIdler™ and Super ESIdler™ also offer the opportunity to increase the capacity of existing conveyors. Reduced belt tensions and optimized idler roll loading mean more tonnage can be handled on the same conveyor without the need to upgrade to larger idlers or a higher strength belt. The benefit list also includes reduced material spillage because of reduced belt sag, protection of light belts at the junction of the center and concentrator rolls… The number of possible benefits is endless.

ESIdler™ Protected by the following Patents: AU #776971, PE #3593, ZA # 2002/3134, US #6,550,606, Other patents pending.

Keywords: belt

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For maximum wear life and best efficiency, install a on the inside of the bottom of the chute and along the skirt boards to keep material away from the seal. Install a Stephens-Adamson in combination with a Stephens-Adamson Impact Station. The or supports the belt edge, eliminating belt sagging. Deflect the material towards the center of the belt. Solution: Seal the loading area.



If a single cleaner is required the Pre-Cleaner is recommended for coarse or wet and sticky material and the T-Cleaner and Arm-Cleaner for dry and fine material. For cleated belts carrying dry material a Stephens-Adamson or is the best solution. A in combination with a or an is the most efficient solution for smooth belts. Use Stephens-Adamson's engineered belt cleaning system.