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By: Step Function Fmc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Facilities Management

Services « stepfunction-fmc

Step Function FMC, LLC is not a general-knowledge company. We deliver targeted services based on years of strategic planning and operational best practices implementation experience.

We ask the tough questions so we can identify and deliver the right FM solutions for your business. Our primary services begin with the following assessments. Our experts know how to recognize and flag problem FM practices with clearly defined, proven metrics. We then create customized plans detailing corrective measures.

In facilities management the simple things can cause even the best of organizations to stumble. Our FM Practice Assessment helps you identify where to make optimal use of resources, and identify and leverage previously hidden, or misunderstood, opportunities. We consider the broad spectrum of items that, if not addressed, can potentially cost you money and resources.

For example, consider work scheduling and contractor management.  A formalized approach to scheduling work and managing technicians’ time can vastly improve maintenance efficiencies. The use of outside contractors must be properly assessed and monitored. Improperly used contractors can lead to the formation of shadow organizations, which waste resources managing the contractors. We provide solutions to address these challenges.

Our Facility Asset Assessment establishes the current parameters of your facility. We then provide you with a plan that clearly defines efficiencies that can be realized such as full utilization of warranties, and optimization of PM schedules – considering frequency and metrics.

We evaluate and benchmark code compliance, employee health and building function, and energy use. We detail specific steps for improvement with payback analysis.  Our objective is to help you minimize total energy consumption and maximize the bottom line, most installations show a three year or less payback at current energy prices.

Understanding the manner in which the numbers in your FM budget were derived, and tracking specific expenditures are essential to improving FM efficiency and value.

Our Operational Finance Process Assessment will identify key improvement opportunities through the review of your operational finances including budgeting, spending, and allocations.

We define a clear picture of your budgeting philosophy, variance tracking, and attention to true line item detail. We consider your holistic budgeting/spending processes to ensure that your capital and expense forecasting, committing, spending and reporting are clearly aligned with your organizational objectives and needs.

Keywords: Facilities Management, Strategic Planning