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By: Steffen Systems  09-12-2011

  In addition to our bale handlers and accumulators, we also manufacture our own line of , high-density , low density , extra-heavy-duty and our . Each of these product lines are the result of decades of , field testing and product improvement.  
For nearly 40 years, Steffen Systems has designed a wide variety of specialized machinery for packaking, transporting, converting and processing small square bales of hay and straw. Most of these products have been unique to our brand, having been developed at the request of our customers.

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Big Bale to Small Bale

The main compression ram now applies pressure against the slab reducing its length approximately 15% depending on the selection made for the finished bale length. Once the bale has been sliced into sections of 16” x 35”, the bottom slab is slid over, allowing the next slab to fall down behind. The power for this operation comes from an electric driven hydraulic power station consisting of multiple 30 hp motors.


Bale Press 1800 | Steffen Systems

The Model 1800 is specifically designed to compact 14x18 or 16x18 bales; or with the optional big bale cutting system can also accept 3x3. This model also works very well when connected directly to a conventional small square baler for rebaling incoming product. Our presses produce extremely uniform finished bales with your choice of four to five baler twines or four plastic bands.