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By: Steelicon Valley  09-12-2011

Web Technology and Development « Steelicon Valley

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Steelicon Valley is joining other local technology companies to develop an exciting interactive art installation to celebrate the opening of the August Wilson Center on September 17 in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. The installation will also be available for leaders of the most advanced economies of the world to experience when Pittsburgh hosts the G20 the following week.

Steelicon Valley is proud to provide its interactive development expertise to bring the installation to life. “We will provide front-end development and animation for the installation,” said Steelicon Valley Owner and Lead Developer Chris Natale. “Pittsburgh was chosen to host the G20 because of its amazing transformation from a declining steel town into a modern, high-tech city. As a part of this new Pittsburgh, Steelicon Valley is excited to showcase the combination of technological prowess and artistic creativity that exists in our wonderful city.”

Visitors walking by the August Wilson Center will see a series of words contained in floating orbs projected on two of the building’s windows. Words on the left will represent WANTS, while words on the right represent NEEDS. To add a want or need to the installation, visitors will send a text message to a specific number, which will cause an orb to appear. WANTS or NEEDS that receive multiple text requests will become larger floating bubbles.

The installation will provide striking aesthetics in keeping with the rest of the soon-to-be-opened building, located at 980 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. The level of interactivity available to passers-by allows visitors and local residents alike an ability to shape the exhibit.

The installation will be within the closed-off security area during the G20 summit, so world leaders will have easy access to the display. “It will be interesting to see the world leaders interact with the installation,” said Natale. “Their jobs are to constantly gauge the wants and needs of their citizens. This is like holding a mirror up to them, and asking what their wants and needs are.”


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