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By: Steel Components  09-12-2011
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"Animation starting from a sketch on coffee table, after drawing with dimensions and cartridge and finally the product. We can bring your ideas to life!"

Steel Components, Inc combines years of manufacturing knowledge with customer-centric industrial design services. You don't need to come to us with production-ready drawings, so if you have an idea or a vision, we can build on it from there. And our expertise isn't limited to metal; our team also has vast experience in plastics, composites, cast metals and rapid prototyping technologies.


Our team can redesign your products to be more resistant, less expensive, more efficient and easy to assemble.

Unfortunately, faulty industrial designs are commonplace. We at Steel Components will always spend time analyzing the final product in every detail to ensure that parts are engineered with correct usage in mind, as well as keeping aesthetics high on the priority list, when applicable.


Our cooperative team management approach leads to a full understanding of all processes involved in the manufacturing of a product.

Our personnel have developed the ability of creating manufacturing tools and techniques that can shorten the amount of processes needed to complete a part.

The following is an illustration of a product benefiting from the techniques developed by Steel Component personnel:

Original manufacturing process

  1. Stamping the product out of a sheet of metal by an automated CNC workcenter
  2. Bending the various edges of the small enclosure — 10 operations
  3. Installing the Pemms — 2 operations
  4. Spotwelding the sides
  5. Painting the product
  6. Final inspection and packaging

Steel Components manufacturing cost effective manufacturing process

  1. Stamping with a specific tool designed to stamp and bend sections of the enclosure at the same time
  2. Bend tool in order to facilitate less bend processes — 4 operations in all
  3. Installing pemms — 1 operation
  4. Spotwelding the sides
  5. Painting the product
  6. Final inspection and packaging

Result: the product is ready for market with a more appealing price tag that reflects the streamlined process that it was created with.


The machining division is currently engaged in the manufacturing of aeronautical products for several sub-tier customers in the Montreal area, of pharmaceutical packaging machine parts and sheet metal stamping dies.

It is currently implementing AS9100 Quality Management System to furthermore fulfil customer Quality needs. Certification is scheduled for mid 2009.

It is also a registered Canadian Goods Program (CGP) for military programs.


Depending on your needs, we can provide powder painting and plating finishes. We can color match to most plated surfaces, and have most standard colors readily available, as well as silver vein and hammer tone.

Keywords: Metals, Painting, Steel Components