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By: Start Script  09-12-2011
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Start Script provides a total transcription solution to health care practitioners by using state-of-the art, user friendly, web-based technology for dictation capturing and accurate transcription delivery. Dictators have the flexibility to dictate by dialing a toll-free phone system or by using a digital hand-held recorder. Furthermore, Start Script offers highly competitive rates for its medical transcription service.

Start Script’s whole transcription process is strictly HIPAA compliant, making it a trustworthy partner in the chain of carrying patient health information. Start Script offers “specialty-specific” transcription service for high quality transcription in all areas of medicine. In addition, it has the infrastructure to meet the medical transcription requirements of individual practices and large sized hospitals.


There are several mechanisms for tight quality control that are built into our system:

  • Each transcription goes through two levels of quality checks.
  • The overall process is managed by physicians, who control it strictly.
  • Each transcriptionist is experienced, and is trained for specialty-specificity.
  • Upon reviewing the dictation, the physician can upload the corrected document back onto the system.
  • Each transcriptionist reviews all doctor corrections so that the same mistakes never happen twice.

The Technology Advantage

The online access system is a user-friendly system that can be accessed from just about any computer with an internet connection. This system utilizes 128 bit encryption for security, which is the same level of security banks use for electronic transactions over the internet. Additional features of the system include:

  • Listen and erase your dictations online
  • - Your dictations can be accessed for up to 15 days online.
  • Online archival of transcribed notes for a year
  • - You will be able to view your records from any computer with internet access and Internet Explorer.
  • Electronic signatures
  • - You can review your dictations, make any corrections, and sign off on your records from anywhere you can access the internet. You are no longer bound to your office. This allows you to take your work home with you.
  • Easy EMR integration
  • - Each transcribed document is available as digital text, allowing integration with all EMR systems. Whether you use EMR currently, or have plans for the future, integration with your system will be a breeze.
  • Fax-forward capability
  • - Send your transcribed notes as a fax directly from our server. This saves on administrative costs and time in forwarding your notes to your billing company. In addition, with a year’s worth of records archived online, you can forward your consult notes to other physicians or to the ER in the middle of the night without leaving your house.
  • Separate office manager account decreases your administrative costs
  • - Your office manager can handle most of the functions to manage incoming documents (except E-signature). This allows you have multiple practitioners dictate into the same account.
  • Up-to-date billing information
  • Template uploads
  • Turn-around time reports
  • And More

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to delivering quality transcription products and services to our clients is evidenced by the quality of our processes, our technology and our people. As individual professionals, and collectively as the Start-Script team, we assume personal responsibility to deliver the highest quality medical transcription services and products that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our transcriptionists are specialty trained, and are challenged with ongoing training and feedback. This insures quality which matches or exceeds the quality of in-house transcriptionists. Our team of highly skilled editors uses strict guidelines as established by the American Association for Medical Transcription. The quality oversight process is managed by practicing physicians to ensure accurate work.

How it Works

Once a Start Script account has been established, the physician is given a toll-free number and a PIN. The physician may then call the toll-free number, enter the PIN, and dictate each note. Alternatively, if the physician wishes to use a hand-held digital dictation unit, then the physician can simply dictate into the unit instead. The digital files are then uploaded into the Start Script system at the end of each day.

The dictation is then transcribed for delivery within 24 hours (unless otherwise arranged). The physician can then review the transcribed report online, make any necessary corrections, and approve or reject the report. If the physician chooses to use the E-signature capability, then simply sign the report by using a secure password.

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