Industrial Strength HR Payroll software with scheduling for Municipalities, Counties, Cities, Agencies and other government i

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Industrial Strength HR Payroll software with scheduling for Municipalities, Counties, Cities, Agencies and other government including NGO's.

StarGarden is a service-oriented product company. We do more than just develop, sell and implement our software. We provide complete 24x7 life-cycle support for the benefit of our customers.

No finger pointing. We take responsibility.

Customers half a world away rely on our professionals to provide any level of system support - quickly and cost-effectively.

We allow you to chose the support that fits your budget and your needs - you may wish to have your own people provide first-level support or we can provide full life-cycle support directly to your users.

StarGarden’s Services Division provides a complete range of support services designed to ensure that the product is installed, configured and tested in the quickest and most cost-effective way.


Before a final decision is made about the purchase of StarGarden, we recommend that an assessment be done to determine fit between your requirements and StarGarden. It is important that we discuss and evaluate the complexities of your organization prior to an implementation project. This will save both parties time and expense.

The assessment consists of the following:

  • 2-3 days on site to meet with HR, Payroll, Finance, and any other interested party to discuss your needs in detail.
  • 2 days for the proposal write-up.

We learn about your organization and you learn how StarGarden could meet your needs.

Our experienced consultants will show you how our system handles your business processes and we will jointly flag potential problems. Depending on the costs and criticality the team may decide to re-engineer your existing processes or in some cases StarGarden will customize the system and provide related costs.

StarGarden will deliver a proposal for review, which will contain the following information:

  • Summation of your needs
  • Budget
  • Implementation Plan
  • Timelines
  • The need (if any) for customizations and fixed estimates for them
  • Suggestions for the setup of the StarGarden HRIS
  • Cost


StarGarden is an easy-to-implement system for complex organizations. We try very hard to restrict our practice to organizations that can benefit from our strengths.

We have implemented our product in both medium-sized and very large customers. Some customers in some industries are prepared to spend a lot of money for their HR/Implementation projects and others are not. Because we are directly involved and accountable, we prefer fast, low budget first-phase implementations covering the core HR and Payroll functions.

StarGarden has a proven methodology for implementations, which is designed to reduce the risk and cost to our clients. Our approach not only gives you more control of the process but also makes us more accountable for delivering an acceptable solution. In short, we focus on getting the high-risk payroll components production-ready as quickly as possible, using the strong generic functionality embedded in the product. After this is accomplished, we can take more time to review your business processes to see where additional automation and customization would be cost-effective. These can then be accepted and scheduled or deferred without any disruption to the core system.

The implementation schedule will vary depending on the time and resources available from your organization. With a small dedicated implementation team or a larger part-time implementation team the project will typically take 1 to 3 months. During the Assessment phase our experienced consultants will help you evaluate the scope of the project and the readiness of your organization to implement the new system.

StarGarden will take responsibility for your implementation on either a ‘fixed-price’ or ‘time and materials’ basis. In most cases some implementation components are quoted ‘fixed cost’ and others are quoted ‘time and materials’. For example, you may wish us to provide fixed quotes for customizations but just charge time and materials for training. This allows you more opportunity to control your costs throughout the implementation.

System Configuration and Modifications

StarGarden is a data-described system which operates differently for each customer depending on how it is configured during set-up thus allowing significant ‘customization’ without losing the benefits of off-the-shelf support.

StarGarden will develop any specific modifications necessary to go live with payroll. Where customizations are required, these will be identified and estimated during the Assessment. Typically these are found in the areas of time collection, custom pay advices, and integration with your other production systems.


StarGarden provides internet-based webinars, on-site training courses and personal coaching.

StarGarden Consultants will direct your people through the system set-up through a program of on-site support, training, documentation and telephone support

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