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By: Standmedia  09-12-2011

Making a movie sound fantastic is the job of the Sound Supervisor (Supervising Sound Editor) whose job typically begins once production is complete. At Stand Sound, we go one step further, providing field recordings of all major locations, capturing the natural ambiences and key prop sounds of the movie, all overseen by the Supervisor. This pledge by our Sound Supervisors of quality carries through into post when the process begins of designing sounds and polishing the dialogue. Working closely with the director and the editor, the Sound Supervisor is the critical artist of post audio.

Attention to detail is what makes a film’s soundscape memorable, and Sound Design is where the intricacies reside. At Stand Sound we have the topshelf Sound Designers available to give your film a unique sound signature.

Dialogue replacement is an art. Let our Stand Sound veterans make sure your actors’ lips move with their voices. Our ADR experts will take care of all your dialogue re-record needs.

One of the elements of a movie often overlooked on independents is foley. Our Stand Sound Foley Artists walk in stride with character, move as they move, convincingly create sound to follow picture. From fabric, felt, footsteps and doorknobs, our folly artists make your picture sound organic and real.

After all the sound editing is complete, when all the sound design done, our Stand Sound mix team will give your movie the fidelity and sonic impact it deserves. Our mixers are celebrated industry-wide, and there is no more important element to how your film sounds than those precious hands behind the mix-board. When it’s time to finish your film, hire a Stand Sound mix team to make it the best it can possibly be.

Often the most memorable sounds in a movie come from the songs that make it in the picture. Our Stand Sound Music Supervisors have great relationships with all the major labels and independents, and are able to clear world-class songs for third-world prices. Don’t let your music soundtrack become an after thought. A Stand Sound music supervisor will offer many possibilities for all your song needs at whatever budget you have available.

The importance of an emotionally compelling original score that accompanies the look and performances of picture cannot be overstated. Choose from our experienced composers who will work with the story to create the right music.

For an ambitious score, a music arranger makes orchestral work and band recordings seamless working with the composer and director in preparation, creating lead sheets.

A worthy attribute to a strong mix is having a music editor who prior to mix has organized and assembled all the music. Our music editors collaborate from preproduction all the way through to answer print.

The key to capturing the clearest dialogue and room ambience on set is a talented Production Recordist (AKA “production recordist”). Choose from our personally vetted sound recordists who we know will capture the best production sound whatever the environment. You won’t have to “fix it in post” if you record it right in the first place. That’s why a Stand Sound Production Recordist is a great addition to your production crew.

If you’re a producer in need of an organizational captain to guide the post-production process, let Stand Sound introduce you to our battle-tested Postproduction Supervisors. Our Post Supervisors will keep you on budget and on time, and will organize your deliverables that you will need created for a distributor.