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By: Stage 3 Renewables  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heating, Electricity, Fossil Fuel

Authorized dealer/installer


• Residential site evaluation, design, installation, commissioning and service of geothermal heat pumps
• Troubleshooting and optimization of existing ground or pond loop heat pump installations
• Facilitation of Canadian Geothermal Coalition (CGC) certification and registration

Why Geothermal?

Efficiency - A well designed Geothermal ground source system can reach a coefficient of performance (COP) in the order 5. Meaning that for every unit of energy put in, 4 additional units of energy, in the form of heat, can be extracted. This is 5x as efficient as resistive electrical heating and as much 8x as efficient as combustion technologies such as oil or gas.

Versatility They can be used to heat your building in winter (hydronic in floor or forced air), cool your building in summer, pre-heat your hot water, even heat your pool!

Comfort Due to the lower temperature, higher volume air delivery, you will experience lower temperature gradients, better mixing and more air changes which adds up to a cleaner, more comfortable building.

Safety No combustion flame. No flammable fuel such as oil or gas. No carbon monoxide (CO) leakage potential and no risk of backdrafting combustion product into your building.

Environment - By eliminating fossil fuel combustion devices such as oil or gas furnaces, a major contributor to greenhouse gasses (CO), you can significantly lighten the load on the planet. And by producing up to 5x as much heat per unit energy as a baseboard heater or electric furnace, the energy you buy and use goes a lot further.

Operating Cost - In BC we enjoy some of the lowest electricity prices in the world which makes annual operating costs very low relative to combustion technologies.

Incentives – There are significant Federal and Provincial incentives available for new and retrofitted installations.

Water to Water hydronic units used for heating and chilling water.

Direct expansion triple function unit for heating and cooling water and air without a secondary groundloop.

Keywords: Electricity, Fossil Fuel, Heating

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We didn't feel as though we'd been subjected to a sales pitch because your enthusiasm for the technology stems more from a deep-seated interest in using engineering to reduce one's carbon footprint rather than making a buck. We shopped around a bit and found that Stage 3 was the best deal economically, but more than that you had the best answers to the questions that arose.