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By: Stage 3 Renewables  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering

•In house Engineering registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC)
•Integration of multiple thermal and renewable technologies in an efficient & cost effective package

•Supply of design specifications, drawings, letters of assurance and system certification

Do you have a unique and challenging Engineering application?

Keywords: Engineering

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Wood Gasification Boilers | Stage 3 Renewables, Inc

Environment - Burning local, properly managed or waste wood in a clean, efficient boiler is an excellent alternative to gas or oil in terms of CO2 emissions, embodied energy and total impact. Independence - Being uncoupled from the supply and volatility of fossil fuel prices and grid electricity for heating makes many of us a little more comfortable.


Geothermal | Stage 3 Renewables, Inc

Comfort – Due to the lower temperature, higher volume air delivery, you will experience lower temperature gradients, better mixing and more air changes which adds up to a cleaner, more comfortable building. Operating Cost - In BC we enjoy some of the lowest electricity prices in the world which makes annual operating costs very low relative to combustion technologies.


Solar Thermal | Stage 3 Renewables, Inc

Environment – Energy needs met with solar hot water directly displace the need for fossil fuel use and electrical power generation. Incentives – There are Federal and Provincial incentives available for new and retrofitted installations. Custom design and installation for large scale commercial and institutional solar hot water systems. Resale - The resale value of a building can increase with a reduced ope rating cost.


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We didn't feel as though we'd been subjected to a sales pitch because your enthusiasm for the technology stems more from a deep-seated interest in using engineering to reduce one's carbon footprint rather than making a buck. We shopped around a bit and found that Stage 3 was the best deal economically, but more than that you had the best answers to the questions that arose.