By: Sssoftware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hardware, embedded systems

SSsoftware provides different levels of assistance:
  • Consulting and on-site contract-to-hire programming services
  • Outsourcing and offshore development
  • Fixed-price development services

     If you want to develop a new application or to customize an existing one, we can do the analysis and the design for you.

     Our company may serve as a technical consultant, product design consultant, or litigation consultant, in addition to providing other professional consulting services in areas involving Electronic engineering, embedded systems (hardware & software).

      We may consult as an independent consultant or as a member of a consultancy, consulting company, or consulting firm.

      Consultants service will be covered by a consulting contract.


     SSsoftware provides outsourcing services specialized in the development of desktop and embedded applications, custom made hardware, system integration, application maintenance and support.

Why outsource?

     Outsourcing makes possible dramatically reducing costs, risks, and time to market. Outsourcing with our company means having lower costs, better product quality, solutions delivered in time and within the budget.

Development services

      The company is organized into two departments: Embedded Design and Software Development.

  •    The Embedded Design department provides complete embedded design services including schematics, PCB design, prototyping and microcontroller programming.    Our company provides complete embedded solutions for customers both in our country and abroad.    Our team of developers has an extensive experience in Embedded System Development from simple micro-controller based designs to complex multi-tasking multi-processor Real Time Embedded System.    We have a significant grasp of hardware technologies and use specific programming languages and software to develop embedded systems and manipulate the equipment.    Besides we can offer End-To-End Product development solutions or design sub-systems for hardware/software using various RTOS platforms with the wide range of Micro-processors, DSPs in diverse fields: we supports all major embedded operating systems allowing you to focus on your application development.
  •   The Software Development department offers fully custom software solutions for a wide range of customer needs.    Our expertise covers a large number of technologies such as:
    • .NET
    • MFC, ATL, WTL
    • QT
    • C,C++,C#,Java
    • Microsoft SQL Server,Oracle
    • COM,OLE,ActiveX
    • Windows/Linux kernel driver model,VxWorks,Windows CE
    • OpenGL, DirectX
      Our services include assistance for integrating our solutions with the customer's environment.

Keywords: embedded systems, Hardware