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By: Squeaky Clean Windows  09-12-2011
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Full Exterior Clean:

This includes everything from the outside of your home.  The glass, frames, seals, sills and screens are included.  If the screens are on the inside of your house, or are only removable from the inside of your house, you must remove them for us.  If we must remove them there is an added surcharge.  This is our most popular and inexpensive service.

Full Interior Clean:

The Interior Clean, in most cases is equivalent to the cost of the exterior clean and includes removal and cleaning of screens as well as brushing out of the insides of the frames.  Our technicians will remove all surface mould, mildew, and construction debris that accumulates inside the windows.   Please note that severely stained or damaged windows may require detailing that is not included in this service.

Supreme Clean:

This includes all detailing, dismantling and reassembling of 4 pane sliding glass, storm windows, or anything else.  This is recommended for home buyers, sellers, and rental cleans.  Every window is taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled.  All adhesive, grout, and paint is removed with razor blades and treated with a solution to revitalize even the most weathered windows.

Window frosting:

Screen repair:

Dogs, children, spouses, and general absent-mindedness.  All enemies of the fragile screen door.  We know torn screens are hard to look at.  Let us replace them for you.  Sliding doors from $40 and window screens from $25.

We will always give you a report on your gutters when you book a window cleaning with us and if only a few sticks and leaves, we will grab them for free.  However, if there are blockages and built up sediment we must quote you on site, but as a general rule of thumb the costs are equivalent to the exterior window cleaning.

If downspouts are clogged we will flush them for $10 per downspout.

Downspouts and Gutter Guards:

Throw mother nature a curve ball and protect your gutters against her wrath.  You also save on annual gutter cleanings as the guards eliminate the possibility for blockages.  We install gutter guards at $1 per foot installed.  Downspout strainers are $10 per downspout.

A power washer can make anything brand new again, but can also put a hole in a cinder block.  We can powerwash just about anything: facades, iron siding, decks, soffits, cars, driveways, walkways, filthy pets or children, etc.  Give us a challenge!  Our skilled technicians will let you know what is a good idea and what is not.  Our pressure washing service starts at $100.

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Keywords: Screens, Window, Window Cleaning