Database Performance Tuning

By: Sqlbiz  09-12-2011

Are you tired of waiting for screens or reports to come up, which at some point in time were very fast. As your organization grows, its information base also grow which can, unfortunately, result in inflated database files, or an environment that can no longer sustain it efficiently.

Database performance can degrade for numerous reasons including

We will

  • Provide full background analysis of the database and the environment in which it resides, to identify all of these problems and establish a benchmark against which any work done can be justified.
  • Provide a comprehensive list of prioritized recommendations to resolve any issues found, to ensure that your databases run as effectively and efficiently as possible, within any available constraints.
  • Once recommended solutions have been agreed upon, we will implement and test these solutions with minimal downtime to your live environment.

Our solutions will ensure that your database runs as efficiently as it possibly can, and will continue to do so as your organization and its information needs grow. We enable your database to grow with you.

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Installation / Upgrade

Based on your existing information system, environment and budgetary constraints, we’ll recommend and install the most appropriate version and edition of SQL server, that will satisfy your database needs. We’ll work within your existing IT strategy, to provide you with a seamless installation of Sql Server, that will integrate directly into your existing network infrastructure.


Disaster Recovery

SQL Server contains numerous options for implementing disaster recovery, and based on your information needs, acceptable level of downtime and budgetary constraints, we’ll provide you with the best solution to protect your database from as minimal data loss as possible.


Database Analysis and Design

We’ll analyze your existing database schema, information requirements and environment, to identify strengths and weaknesses, for the purpose of providing you with the most effective and efficient database structure. We build Microsoft SQL and Access database solutions using the latest database development tools, all within your available budget.