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By: Springmasters  09-12-2011

A successful lawn starts with the right plan.  Our Master Plan lawn care programs are designed to position your turf grass for optimal growth, health and longevity following our Enviro-Smart approach to lawn care.

At SpringMasters all of our programs are truly family and pet friendly due to our 100% NON herbicide and pesticide free applications.

The time of the quick fix has come and past and now homeowners must have a different approach to lawn care.  A few years ago you were able to slap down some chemicals and your lawn was green.  Now with the new herbicide and pesticide bans homeowners are forced to take a different approach to lawn care and pest management.

At SpringMasters all our packages practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and through thickening your root base with aeration, fertilization and high quality blue tag over-seeding we are able to help you get that thick, green, healthy lawn you deserve.

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SpringMasters utilizes the latest in enviro-friendly grub control to help reduce these pests using family and pet friendly beneficial nematodes.

Weed Suppressant

With weeds running rampant after the herbicide bans homeowners are seeking an affordable approach to weed control.  SpringMasters utilizes a variety of arsenal to combat and suppress weeds.  The first and most effective way is by having a strong root system to crowd out weeds and not even allow them to root themselves into your turf.  By regularly aerating and over-seeding you can effectively enhance your turf’s natural defences to weeds.  However, for most homeowners this is not the case which is why we offer a weed suppressant option.

SpringMasters Utilizes a combination of weed suppressant tools such as:

  • Corn Gluten Meal - Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Feista – Iron based Weed Control
  • Manual Removal

SpringMasters uses one (or more) of the above methods to minimize weeds.  Keep in mind that there is no method out there that kills 100% of weeds and these methods are a suppressant only.  You may have some weeds left over however SpringMasters will do everything to help reduce weeds and keep them at bay. Additional visits may cost extra.

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