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By: Spremo Communications  09-12-2011
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Spremo Communications specializes in creating, managing, executing, publicizing and evaluating special events. We work either directly with organizations, or with PR agencies and departments whose short-term or long-term projects demand extra assistance.

So whether you're looking for an agency with experience in special events or your plate is too full to do the work yourself, Spremo Communications is here to help. 

Services offered include:

  • Event management
  • Execution of employee communications programs
  • Execution of community outreach programs
  • Media Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic PR counsel
  • Media monitoring
  • Measurement and evaluation

We'll work within your budget and never present you with unwelcome surprises.

Should your project needs extend beyond PR, Spremo Communications can bring in specialists from other areas including audio/visual, photography, graphic design, printing, catering, entertainment, security and more. Just leave it up to us.

Special Events

This is what gets us excited -- taking a multitude of details and bringing them together to create a successful event. We've got you covered from venues, to catering, entertainment, audio/visual, photography, atmosphere, graphics, security -- and anything else your project requires.

Whether your event is a grand opening, launch party, luncheon, news conference or community event, we can make it happen.

Short notice and last minute changes are often inevitable. You need to know that your project manager can handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Yet, if you require our help to a lesser degree, that's fine too. Just need an extra body to simply act as a media or guest hostess? We can do that happily.

What makes Spremo Communications stand out? Our energy and commitment to get the job done and our transparency to our clients. And how do we handle inevitable last minute changes and unexpected challenges - with focus, creativity and God willing..a smile.

Employee Relations

There are a number of reasons why corporations and organizations engage in employee relations. Some of them strive to:

  • reach out to a large group with a unified voice
  • create a sense of corporate community
  • convey a consistent message or vision
  • bridge the gap between management and staff
  • motivate employees to succeed
  • encourage or empower them to act
  • increase morale and retention

By engaging employees in things that attract their interest and broaden their experience, you can satisfy their needs and motivate their drive to succeed. Companies can utilize employee events, programs and campaigns to accomplish organizational goals. Through their attendance, participation and contribution, employees can play a pivitol role in creating business success.

Spremo Communications can hep you manage a program that focuses on employees.

Community Relations

Diana Spremo has always had a soft-spot for community relations. It must be the gratification of having worked on projects that bridged the gap between Bay Street and Main Street. It's in all of us -- to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves, and come away better for the experience.

If you have a community outreach project and are in need of a project manager, contact us, we'd love to help.

Media Relations

Diana Spremo has been practicing media relations for 15 years and has garnered coverage for dozens of clients on the local, provincial and national levels. She has built positive relationships with numerous journalists through her reputation for credibility and professionalism. Diana knows how to pitch a story and follow-up to get the maximum coverage possible.

Media relations can play an important role in a special event or program. Contacting the media can:

  • help sell tickets to an event
  • create awareness for a cause
  • promote a company's community outreach initiatives
  • help launch an organization or group
  • attract attention through VIP endorsement
  • after a fundraiser, promote how much money was raised

Ultimately, coverage in print and broadcast outlets can help:

  • enhance your company or organization's image
  • promote a product or service
  • attract customers or clients
  • fundraise
  • and more

Media Relations campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. While sometimes a single news release will suffice, other times, a comprehensive media campaign is required. Securing media interviews for spokespeople and developing key messages can also play a vital role in success.

From writing, editing, distributing and following-up on media materials, Spremo Communications works with each client to determine the best course of action in meeting program goals and objectives.


There are a number of ways a not-for-profit organization can encourage philanthropic support. Through financial and material donations, volunteerism, hosting special events and media relations, your organization's or campaign's messages can reach the public and increase attention toward your cause.

Spremo Communications works with an associate who has years of experience garnering corporate financial support. Together, we can work with you to decide the best course of action.

Strategic PR Counsel

Not sure where to begin in your quest to develop a PR campaign that will meet your organization's goals? Allow Spremo Communications to offer suggestions on how to establish and maintain a PR campaign that will reflect a positive image and positively influence your organization's reputation.

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring, or tracking, is an extremely necessary and valuable tool to campaigns that include a Media Relations component. Simply counting the number of "hits" you achieve is not enough. You need to consider in what media outlets you got the coverage, in what section, on what page, were photos included, were your spokespeople quoted, were they quoted in context, were your key messages conveyed, and so forth.

A successful media relations campaign creates a lot of buzz among the public and has long been recognized as being more credible than advertising.

Measurement and Evaluation

Proper strategic planning includes measurable results. After a campaign or event, you may wish to analyze:

  • attendance figures
  • participation and engagement
  • contributions
  • feedback
  • media coverage

Reviewing your original goals and objectives allows you to evaluate the campaign or event. It offers a method of providing relevance to the efforts put forth and the results it achieved.

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