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By: Sportsxperts  09-12-2011
Keywords: Paint, Chalk, Synthetic Grass

SAVES MONEY - Gone is the repeated marking of lines with paint or chalk and their associated high costs! You too can benefit from durable synthetic Permaline marking lines. Permaline can be installed in virtually any environment where natural grass grows, and you benefit from the savings for the next 10 years or more.

SAVES TIME - Less field maintenance is required because you don't need to repaint or chalk marking lines repeatedly throughout the playing season. Permaline does not wear out or wash away. No special precautions for mowing grass are needed.

BETTER GAMES - Coaches, referees and players love our marking lines because they see them better even in poor conditions such as when raining or even late in the evening. Night lighting really reflects favorably on these lines!

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Permaline does not polute or affect the soil. Does not harm or kill natural grass.

SAFER FOR THE PLAYERS - No chalk dust or paint chips to breathe in, slide on, or trip over. Permaline is installed at ground level and has the same feel, bounce and texture as real natural grass.

SAFER FOR GROUNDS KEEPERS - Maintenace people are not subjected to the repeated breathing of chalk dust or paint fumes as with the repeated maintenance for fields without Permaline.

Permaline - the patented permanent synthetic grass line for natural grass athletic sports fields (7 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" tall).

The standard 4" or 2" line is bordered by 1 1/2" of green fibers on each side. Permaline eliminates virtually all recurring costs associated with painting or chalking field lines. Our marking system saves you money right from the start.

Keywords: Chalk, Marking System, Paint, Synthetic Grass